Introduction: Sweet Child of Mine

Hi, Instructapeople, Today, I'm going to show you how to play the beginning of the song, "Sweet Child of Mine". Enjoy!

*Note: I apologize about the awful camera - it's a laptop webcam


TheRoyalJester (author)2016-06-30

Try using a pick for the intro here, it works much better. Also, I noticed you used your first finger to hit the 14th fret (D string). Kind of odd, if you ask me, as your third should be right below the D on the 14th fret already. Good job though, and the camera quality wasn't too bad :)

gogoguy (author)TheRoyalJester2016-10-20

i used your advice:

gogoguy (author)TheRoyalJester2016-07-01

Thank you for the advice!

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