Sweet Coffee Table





Introduction: Sweet Coffee Table

Well i am a engineering college student who needed a coffee table for a cheap price so i got creative.


1. Two cardboard boxes (whatever size you want)
2. Duct Tape
3. Road Sign (garage sale , online stores, or where ever you might be able to "pick" one up), can substitute anything you would like thats a hard surface

Step 1: Making the Base

1. Obtain two cardboard boxes : If your like my you will want a large square box and a slightly smaller thing one to give it that groove.

2. Simply fill with other boxes or Styrofoam, Hell any old garbage like pieces of wood or Polystyrene make an excellent filler to give it strength and also get rid of all your crap thats laying around

3. Duct tape it together

Step 2: Attach the Sign

4. Now you could get all fancy with glue or screws or something weird..... or just use some good old duct-tape.

Step 3: Make More and ENJOY

5. Throw a party !!!! (and remember to turn the flash on your camera)



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    I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're in college. Pretty sure any g/f or wife would have your balls if you tried to put that in your living room. Cool idea, though.

    Take a look at the sofa in step 1, I think he has bigger problems. Sweet table, brings back memories.

    P.s. What are some funny signs i should look for? horse crossing... children/mother crossing....swerving road/drunk driver signs we call it..lol

    I am going to do this, when i find a road sign down, its prolly some sort of felony but im on the risky side. I love your instructable. Great job. I will put baby corner thingys on the corners for my own safety because Im clumsy=)) Again, fabulous job

    You might want to put something along the edge of your sign table top. They can be pretty sharp on bare legs.

    its hard to believe you're an engineering student with your mastery of duct tape

    How is this illegal?

    its illegal if you just take the sign while its still up