Sweet Potato Hash: Paleo Breakfast





Introduction: Sweet Potato Hash: Paleo Breakfast

Made from foraged ingredients. The best Paleo breakfast for your caveman.

2- Quail's Eggs

1- small sweet potato, shredded

2 slices of Bacon,chopped

2- Spring Onions,diced

1/2 Cup Mixed Berries

1/2 cp water

1 sprig thyme

Step 1: Step One : Cooking

1. heat a skillet on medium. once heated add bacon and cook, stirring occasionally until the fat has begun to render but the bacon has not crisped, 6 minutes. on a separate burner combine berries and water over medium low heat.

2. add onions and and thyme sprig to the bacon and cook an additional 4 minutes until the onion has become translucent.

3. add shredded potatoes to the onion mixture and cook for 6 minutes until potatoes are cooked through. stirring throughout.

4. meanwhile crack eggs into a small bowl. after the hash has cooked gently slide eggs on top off hash. leave eggs until whites have cooked 3 minutes

5. remove hash to a plate, and spoon over berry compote, enjoy!

Step 2:



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    If you want to make this paleo you need to replace the potato with Jerusalem artichoke.
    Potatoes are not paleo sadly but the recipe look delicious.