Sweet Potato Ravioli with Coconut Curry Sauce

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Picture of Sweet Potato Ravioli with Coconut Curry Sauce
This instructable shows you how to create your own ravioli by using won ton wrappers crimping them with a cookie cutter.  This technique can be done for any flavor of ravioli with your favorite sauce, but here's a flavor combo I dreamed up while thinking of the pasta contest.

The combo is great, the sweet potato is complemented at first by the sweet of the sauce, which is followed by a lovely fragrant curry and spice.

This Recipe is also Vegan.  I am not Vegan or Vegetarian, but believe me, you don't miss the meat or cheese here, as the sweet potato and the curry take center stage.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
For the Ravioli:
Won Ton Wrappers, buy the thickest ones you can find.  I got mine at the asian grocery store
Trader Joe's Roasted Mashed Sweet Potato

Note, these cooking amounts are approximate, this is where you can just use your eye and keep tasting to create a sauce that is sweet and spicy to your taste.
For the Sauce:
2/3 C Coconut Milk
1 TB Curry
A few Shakes of Red Pepper Flakes
1 TSP Soy Sauce
1 TSP Black Vinegar
A few shakes of Garlic Salt
Pepper to taste
2 TB Brown Sugar
1 TSP Sesame Seed Oil
3 TB Corn Starch

Step 2: Start making the ravioli

Picture of Start making the ravioli
Lay out some won ton skins

Nuke 2 of the sweet potato "pucks" at a time for about 20 seconds

Put half of a puck worth of sweet potato on the skin and use your fingers to put some warm water around it.

Seal the second wonton skin on top.

Now if you're not into cute ravioli, you can stop here, this makes a fine ravioli, but I wanted to go a step further and make Hello Kitty ravioli, so if you're into cute, go to the next step.

Step 3: Make the ravioli cute

Picture of Make the ravioli cute
Using a cookie cutter, cut out the shape.  This also helps seal the edges.

When you're done cutting you can use your fingers to squeeze the edges sealed even better, before laying it on a tray to rest.
mmm! this look too god!
That curry sauce sounds pretty tasty! And I love that you made the ravioli fun shaped :)
Thanks! Making it a fun shape makes it a lot more fun to do homemade pasta, or else it is much easier to buy pre made ravioli, like I did for dinner tonight :)