Picture of Sweet Revenge

 This is a pretty fun gun :)

- Great range
- Removable mag
- True trigger
- Comfy handle
- Very sturdy
- Looks Awesome!

i hope you like my gun, please subscribe!!
Thankyou :D

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Step 1: Read :)

Picture of Read :)
 I formally apologize for the quality of the pictures :( I do not have a camera to use except for this cheap video camera. the camera i used to take the pictures for the intro was my neighbor's camera.
So good luck building and read the image notes, they will help.

Step 2: Step One

 This is step one. Read all the image notes :)

Step 3: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
 This is step two. Read all the image notes :)

Step 4: Step Three

 This is step three. Read all image notes :)

Step 5: Step Four

 This is step four. Read all image notes :)

Step 6: Step Five

This is step five. Read all image notes :)

Step 7: Final step

Picture of Final step
 Add a rubber band onto the mag and make sure the mag is in GOOD. If not go back to that one step and add more tape. The mag must be in firm. Sometimes the rubber band on the mag wont completely push up the blue rods. If that happens just push them up using your hand :)

Have fun and remember to always shoot at family members and other living objects. 


Step 8: Who has built the gun??

 Picture Number:

1.  KnexFreek's 

2.  KnexMaster7000's

3. knex_builder_freak's

4. Kenexinator's

5.  Ikedog1995 BUILT TWO!!!!!

6.  Pretty P's

7.  Abused Waffle's

8.  Muffinslayer2's

9.  mikstr2's 

10. Starfrog6's
if you haven't break the gun hopefully can you tell me how many yellow connectors does the gun have
DracoUltima4 years ago
Darn.....I should've taken a picture of the gun when I had had some really good mods on it.....
SNIPERDUDE5 years ago
Hmm, shame I couldn't see the workings and innards of the gun.  I take interest in the small little details and mechanics 95% of people, even K'nex gun builders, miss.  I got an idea or two from your's, maybe it's high time I make a new hybrid gun.

Keep up the good work,
KnexFreek (author)  SNIPERDUDE5 years ago
 Cool! Thankyou, I thik you may be extremely ipressed with the gun called the Tank bow And The gun called the freekiller repeating crossbow. They are insane. Oh and the freeslinger !! Thats another awesome gun
I have, thank you.
While all wonderful creations, I don't think I can take anything from them.
My new creation will be a medium-sized gun with detachable magazine, near frictionless design (power is only determined by the maker's rubber bands.  This aims to use up all potential stored, with no loss in kinetic energy at all), and perhaps pump action.  And as always, it shall be built ground-up, leaving looks behind.

They are out of order, it says mine is 7th but its really eighth now (was 6th?)
KnexFreek (author)  muffinslayer25 years ago
 LOL!!! OOPS!!!
KnexFreek (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
 I made you a collaborator, you fix it. LOL
I think it's fixed now, if there is any other mistakes then tell us :)