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I love collecting scraps of ribbons. It can be an unused bundle I found in a corner of my house or a bunch of leftovers from a school project. I save them all up because you never know when you need it for gift wrapping or other crafting projects again.

But sometimes seeing those piles of ribbons can get rather depressing. Then I saw that TicTac on my table and I knew it's time I did something about my problem...

Note: This tutorial was done ages ago and has been on CutOut+Keep for quite some time. It's my first ever How-to then so pardon the blur images. I just wanna share this idea with the people on Instructables. (^_^)
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Step 1: Grab

Picture of Grab
Grab that messy, distressed pile of ribbon.

Step 2: Eat

Picture of Eat
Finish a container of TicTac. You don't have to finish all at one go!

Peel off the label slowly to make sure that you get a non-sticky container.

Remove the cover.

Step 3: Roll

Picture of Roll
Roll the ribbon up neatly. This may require a bit more patience!

Then insert the roll of ribbon into the container. One shortcoming of this dispenser is that the roll cannot be too big, if not it can't fit into the container at all.

Step 4: Leave tail

Picture of Leave tail
Make sure you leave a tail of ribbon (about 1 cm) outside the container.

Step 5: Line up

Picture of Line up
Line the cover and the direction of the ribbon as shown.

This arrangement helps ensure a smooth dispensal of ribbon.

Step 6: Replace cover

Picture of Replace cover
Replace the cover with the ribbon tail peeking out of the opening like the one shown in the picture.

Step 7: Close cover

Picture of Close cover
Close the cover while leaving a tail peeking out from the SIDE of the cover.

Do not leave the tail peeking from the front as the crease at the front may spoil the ribbon!

Step 8: Tape

Picture of Tape
Tape the container lengthwise. You can use coloured tapes to decorate the dispenser.

The tape is needed as TicTac covers become loose after the removal of the label.

Step 9: Dispense

Picture of Dispense
Open the cover to dispense ribbon as and when needed!

A neat and green solution to your piles of distressed ribbons! (^_^)

Great idea!
nneul4 years ago
This is an absolutely great idea! I have tons of scraps of ribbon in a drawer. This gives me the perfect excuse to buy tictacs! Thanks
Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :)
Smart yet simple and effective :)
leeesaa4 years ago
This is the smartest thing ever
jvanree4 years ago
Very smart idea!! I like it!!
mary candy4 years ago
very cool
This is such an awesome idea, now I know what to do with those empty tic tac containers! thank you sooo much.
awsome idea!=) like the coloured tape idea, too!
Browncoat5 years ago
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Um, genius! I have so many of this size coils of ribbons shoved into drawers and getting tangled up as we speak. Now I have a reason to divulge in my Orange Tic Tac addiction.
gwenstella (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
aww thanks, you're too kind! hahah and not forgetting those jumbo tic tac containers they have right now...