Step 4: Make Cupcakes

(Make sure your pan is lined at this time!)
Place a small amount of batter inside each cup, just enough to fill the bottom of the liner.
Put your heart in the batter, standing up- your batter should be thick enough that they stand up on their own. 
Once they are standing up, add more batter around the heart (You can choose to put batter on top of the heart or not, it won't matter if you're frosting them), and put then in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.
I've already seen this kind of cupcakes and I liked a lot! I will makesomething like that as <a href="http://www.cupcakesgarden.com/category/holiday-cupcakes-2/valentines-day-cupcakes/" rel="nofollow">Valentines day cupcakes</a> surprise!
Wow, these look really cute, really interesting idea! Thumbs up to you for not using a boxed cake mix.
That is just adorable! I have wondered this though, so if you add baked cake into non baked cake, it doesn't over bake the baked cake?
Surprisingly, no. The cake in the middle is not affected at all by the extra baking, which is why its such a cool and easy way to make a cupcake or cake in general special :)

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