Introduction: Sweet Treat, Homemade Honey Sticks.

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This Instructable will teach you how to easily make a honey stick. It's a simple and tasty snack.

Step 1: Materials

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1. Honey, of cource!
2. A straw, make sure it's not bendy.
3. Sissors
4 Painter's tape.

*This can get sticky*

Step 2: Sealing the End

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Pinch one end of the straw closed. Fold a piece tape around the pinched end to keep it closed, then wrap a second piece piece around the circumference of the pinched end to make it honey proof and sealed shut.

Step 3: Air Hole and Fill.

Picture of Air Hole and Fill.

With the tip of your sissors, snip a tiny cut at the edge of the tape of the sealed end. This will let air out and allow you to fill the straw with honey.

For me, filling is easy. This is because the lid of my "honey bear" has a hole that perfectly fits the straw. All I have to is incert the open end of the straw into the container, invert the container, and squeeze. The honey will be forced into the straw, and the hole you cut will not allow the air to be compacted at the bottom of the straw. It will release the pressure so that the honey doesn't shoot back out. Finaly, Tape over the hole and enjoy. No more waiting 'till Farmers Markets.

You can suck the honey out through the unsealed end, chew on the stick, or try to lick it out.

I haven't tried sealing both ends, but this might be able to be stored if you did.
Bunch several together to make a honey comb.


Scurvymcdiggle (author)2011-06-08

or use a seal a meal. with the seal only function.

Shastaw2006 (author)2008-08-23

You could also just melt the end of the straw with a lighter, take your fingers to press the ends together and seal. It doesn't burn your fingers, but be careful.

xero_o (author)Shastaw20062011-04-08

Thanks for the suggestion! I just did my own instructable using the technique you're referring to.

DIY Honey Sticks

You could alsom use wax! I've seen honey straws sealed with wax.

tiuk (author)2007-10-27

How do you eat it? Suck the honey out, or bite the straw?

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)tiuk2007-10-27

Both. ;)

What if you froze these, extracted the stick, and used them as tea stirrers?

tiuk (author)Weissensteinburg2007-10-27

That's a cool idea. Does honey freeze?

Kiteman (author)tiuk2007-10-27 idea...

Yeh, well, I thought it was amusing!

Nice idea for a snack - #2 son would love them, whilst simultaneously gluing himself to the fridge :-)

Weissensteinburg (author)Kiteman2007-10-27

#1 wouldn't like them? (Do you actually call them #1 and #2? ..."One, get over here!")

Kiteman (author)Weissensteinburg2007-10-27

#1 is not so keen on honey.

I do occasionally call them by their numbers (it's a family thing - my dad calls me #1 son, even though I have no brothers, just a sister), especially if I'm calling them from a distance.

Mainly, though, it's an identity precaution (just like I refer to my other half as Kitewife because she has a very unusual name that would be easy to track down). I'll keep calling them #1 and #2 online until they're old enough to understand the dangers of identity theft and can decide for themselves.

Kiteman (author)Kiteman2007-10-27

(It's not "1" and "2", though, it's "Number One Son" and "Number Two Son". I think my dad pinched the idea off old Charlie Chan films).

imshanedulong (author)Kiteman2010-08-26

Very efficient... I plan on naming my robot army that way. When I take over the world, I will dedicate my success to instrucables! The general robot even looks like an instrucables robot!

X_D_3_M_1 (author)Kiteman2007-10-27

like jackie chan? rush hour was like hecka cool

Kiteman (author)X_D_3_M_12007-10-28

No, an old movie detective.


This is a fan site and so is this.

Good ol' Wikipedia

X_D_3_M_1 (author)Kiteman2007-10-28

eh detectives aint no cool!

Weissensteinburg (author)tiuk2007-10-27

Well everything not sure if it would freeze in a normal freezer though..

it wouldn't freeze in a normal freezer it would just crystalize

daninja (author)2009-07-10

We have a hive at our house... From two boxes we got EIGHTY POUNDS OF HONEY!!!

Mathias Re'eh (author)daninja2009-08-21

ha ha with our 3 we got 260!!! :P

thunderstruck7 (author)2009-08-16

my uncle is the head beekeeper of our county and has 6-8 hive at my house and several around the county, this looks like a great idea.

wolf555hound (author)2008-09-09

my gramma would send us those, but there were like pro sealeded

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-08-21

or use this to seal them, only holding them with pliers instead of the wood. Then they stay good, and stay closed for good until you cut them.

(thanks to ikssk for the idea)

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-08-21

Use this to seal them, and they're perfect. I plan to do this soon.

Rockerx (author)2008-01-29

would it be possible to add flavoring(ex. cherry juice?)

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)Rockerx2008-01-29

I think it is, you would have to figure out a way to do it though. Try mixing them in a bowl and use a funnel to get the honey into the stick.

Aar000n3y (author)2007-10-27

Sounds pretty good, but I wouldn't have the honey contacting the adhesive of that tape. I would bend the end of the straw upward, then tape that closed so you don't have to worry about that.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)Aar000n3y2008-01-11

I never thought of that, it also helps to prevent leaks. Thanks.

callmeshane (author)2007-10-28

Hmmmmmmmm nice but too much screwing around.... Methinks a spoon in the jar is much easier...

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)callmeshane2008-01-11

Why go through the trouble of forming sugar into cubes?

Doctor What (author)2007-11-20

The tea stirrer idea is pretty good, but if i were you, i would seal the end by melting the plastic together, you could use a bag sealer.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)Doctor What2008-01-11

Great idea! Wow, a month and a half delayed response I tried that, but my bag sealer was too weak.

X_D_3_M_1 (author)2007-10-27

dude tehse r like hecka cool! i used bendy straw with the bendy part cut out. reusable too.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)X_D_3_M_12007-10-27


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