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Introduction: Sweet Zune Sleeve/Case

Make an awesome functional zune case/sleeve out of the useless one in the box.

If You have a Zune, You are wise. If you have a Zune original, you are very wise. There is a cool bag that houses the zune in the zune originals package (others as well?) I just figured that it could have more use than sitting in the box after it was opened.

If you're reading this and you don't have a Zune, Get one already!.

You can always check back to 'tips' if you have a problem.


1) Big fat useless Zune sleeve.

2) Scissors

3) Fabric Pencil (or alternative marking thing)

4) Sewing machine (or whatever else if you do it by hand)

5) Zune or whatever you make the sleeve for.

(2-4 not pictured)

Step 2: -

Before anything else, Cut off the drawstrings and pull them out. Yep, It's about as easy as it sounds.

Use your marking pencil (or alternate) to mark the INSIDE of the sleeve where the logo is. This ensures that the logo makes it on to the final product and is centered.

A good way to do this is to get the pencil inside the sleeve and push the tip into the fabric so you can see the bump but it isn't marking. Then center it on the logo and push harder (of course) to make the mark.

Step 3: Position in the Sleeve and Mark.

1) Slide the Zune into the inside-out sleeve and position where you want. Putting the dot over the touch pad seems to work well. You want it where it isn't poking out and where the drawstrings won't restrict the headphone wires.

2) After its where you want it, pin around it so the fabric doesn't slide around. Make sure to pin outside where you will be marking and sewing.

3) Grab your fabric pencil and mark out where you will be sewing. Give yourself some leeway. You can always cut more off but you can't attach more on. At least easily..... Well, maybe. hm....

It will want to move around as you mark so HOLD 'ER DOWN!

Step 4: Sew

1) Sew on or next to your marked lines, Be sure to sew straight because it really shows up later.

I used a big fat stitch, which is great for clothing, but as I'm realizing, it really isn't necesarry for this. A single stitch should do it. Not sure? Ask a female relative.

I left quite a bit of space, some for a good margin of error and I wanted mine to be able to fit my Zune with a hard acrylic case.

If You're a master seamstro like me it should turn out like the picture depicts.

2) Cut off everything outside your sewing, but be sure to leave enough on that it won't come undone.

You will want to cut the drawstring loop things in from the rest of the sleeve. (see picture)

Step 5: Turn Inside Out.

Cool, now turn it inside out and take a look. Marvel at your expertise, start noticing your errors, and crash back to earth. Chances are you made a mistake or two. See tips for some advice.

Now for the drawstrings, slide them both through, sticking to the configuration they were in before (if you remember it) If not, Heres a little diagram. (the little grey lines are the drawstring sleeves)

A pen or like is handy for getting the strings through those pesky tunnels of fabric.

When they are through, tie or secure them. I stapled my knots to make sure they didn't come undone, then I taped over them with electrical tape. This is quite unsightly. SO just slide the splice under the loops.

Step 6: FIN

Congratulations, you have an awesome case/ sleeve for your Zune (Or whatever else)

Now slap a Zune in there and tote that sucker!

Step 7: Tips-

Unless you're an experienced seamster some things probably won't look great the first time you do them. But thats what revisions are for! Some small things that are helpful include:

You may want to use some sort of square when you're drawing out your outline.

Make sure to backstitch (go back over the beginning of your stitch so it doesn't come undone)

Reenforce the single stitches that run along the drawstring loops.

Cut off as much extra fabric as possible on the corners, they tend to bunch up and be difficult when you turn it inside out if you don't.

Tape, glue, or salivate upon the ends of the cut drawstrings, these guys fray something feirce.



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Questions & Answers


can anyone tell me what type of fabric the sleeve is?

Hey ausm instructable! I'm gonna try this with a skullcandy skullcrushers pouch to fit my Zune 120 babyyyyyy

My 30 gig zune that I got in November of 2007 works like a charm and looks great too. Even though my Zune came with a bag that was brown and It fit the zune EXACTLY, Its actually a tight fit, I really dont need it though cuz I spent like 25$ on a leather case.

yeah zunes rock! and i even have an original 30g and therefore this bag... ill see how this instructable works...

Everybody in my family has a zune (4G for the children, 80G for the adults ). At first, I loved it. Now, we have encountered quite a few problems. On my zune, the trackpad won't work if I have the zune on for more than 20 minutes. My mom's 80G wouldn't hold a charge. We thought it was just a defect, so we sent it back and got a new one. The next one did the same thing. If the can overcome the technical problems, Zune would definitely sell more than I-Pod.

ZUNE ROCKS!!! I have a 30gb and I love it! its great for long, boring car rides with annoying siblings. By the way Nice Instructable!

That's the very reason I got a Zune: for long and boring car rides. :3

My case is soo not the size of that one, it's actually a little too tight... lol well it fits but it's got no use for modding.

Yeah, I love my Zune to pieces, man :D I put 15 full length movies on there and it STILL has room for more :D I just wish they would allow AVI format on them though : ( Good instructable !