Introduction: Sweet and Savory Beef Jerky

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This instructable is to make sweet and savory jerky using ground beef or deer.

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

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1 lb. of thawed ground beef or deer burger
1 tsp. of salt
2 dashes of pepper
1 dash of worchestershire sauce
1 dash of liquid smoke
A liberal covering of papaya enzyme or meat tenderizer
A handful of chopped dried fruit (cherries, blueberries, and strawberries work well)

Step 2: Combine and Mix the Ingredients

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Chop the dried fruit and mix all of the ingredients by hand thoroughly.

Step 3: Roll Out Meat for Drying

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Roll the meat into the size of a golf ball. Place it on aluminum foil and press the meat flat so it dries evenly.

Step 4: Dry It!

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Place it in your food dehydrator or the oven with the door open at 200 degrees for 4-6 hours.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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The jerky is done when it firmly bends. If it has drops of oil on it, just dab with a paper towel.

To store, just place in a ziplock and put it in the fridge.



PyroTeen213 (author)2010-08-26

I am in the process of making some and only made 1/2 pound but still there was more than i expected.

PyroTeen213 (author)2010-08-17

Man i started to do this with my own seasoning until i realized the meat i was using was already cooked and not raw. Well at least i have good taco meat now.

lego187 (author)2008-07-08

ok so u say 4-6 hours at 200 degrees with the oven door open well i live in kuwait and its like around 114 here this time of year. do u think i could do this outside in the sun? just wondering

J@50n (author)lego1872009-09-05

also, i think you could just leave it on the rack without a fire. since its so HOT there!!!

J@50n (author)lego1872009-09-05
YES! here is a video i found on youtube, showing you just that!!!!

Tobita (author)lego1872008-08-25

watch for dhub and falcons xD (i'm partly saudi)

explosivemaker (author)2009-08-17

would be good to have something to grind it really fine, it works okay with a jerky gun, but not great...also, when I make it I let the meat soak overnight or so....good strong flavor

electronicfreak22 (author)2007-09-28

Can someone explain to me why do don't have to actually cook the meat? I'm a noob to jerky. Thanks

Without fat or moisture it won't spoil easily. Plus the oven or dehydrator gets it up to pasteurizing temperature. I just ate some jerky in the back of my fridge that was dated more than a year old. It was delicious.

Brennn10 (author)2007-08-23

Wow! We have a hunter that hunts the deer in our field. I believe we get some venison ground beef, and lots of it! Well made Instructable, and I will try this soon!

Red_Icculus (author)Brennn102007-08-23

Deer jerky is the best! If it is too "gamey" for some, the next batch can be neutralized with a pinch of baking soda. It is my first instructable, thank you!

oinkoinkzoopals (author)2007-08-13

Can you make the jerky without the fruit because to me meat mixed with fruit doesn't sound appetizing

With the fruit, it is a modified pemmican recipe. It is a great mix of sweet and salty, but you can definitely make it without the fruit!

SGutshall (author)2007-08-12

This looks delicious. Do you have to use a dehydrator, or can you use wire racks instead? Maybe some other alternative?

Red_Icculus (author)SGutshall2007-08-12

You can use almost any drying method from a dehydrator, to an oven set to 200 degrees, to a cold dry method using a fan as long as there is enough circulation and it isn't too humid.

dacker (author)Red_Icculus2007-08-13

I have yet to try it, but I am curious to try Alton Brown's technique which he has used several times on his "Good Eats" TV show:

Alton Brown's technique

Special Equipment: 1 box fan, 4 paper air-conditioning filters, and 2 bungee cords.

Evenly distribute the strips of meat onto 3 of the air filters, laying them in the grooves and then stacking the filters on top of one another. Top these with 1 empty filter. Next, lay the box fan on its side and lay the filters on top of it. Strap the filters to the fan with 2 bungee cords. Stand the fan upright, plug in and set to medium. Allow the meat dry for 8 to 12 hours.

SGutshall (author)Red_Icculus2007-08-12

Awesome. Thanks. I've never made jerky before, but I think I'll give this a try.

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