Sweet N' Easy White Chocolate Oreo Snackers





Introduction: Sweet N' Easy White Chocolate Oreo Snackers

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a sweeet treat, Oreo Snackers!

(Just in time for the holidays)

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Thanks, The Magical Duct Tape Kid

Step 1: Ingredients - Supplies

1. A package of Oreos
2. Some chocolate bark coating of your choice
3. A sheet of parchment paper (wax paper)
4. Sprinkles (optional)
5. A bowl
6. A wooden spoon
7. A microwave (not pictured)

Step 2: Heat

This step is pretty easy.

1st, put two pieces of chocolate bark in your bowl as in picture 1 & 3.

2nd, heat your chocolate bark for 1:00 on high, picture 4. (full power)

3rd, take your bark out of the microwave, and stir well as in picture 5.

4th, heat the remains of your half melted chocolate for 0:20 and stir well, picture 6-9.

5th, Repeat 4th step until chocolate is smooth.

It took me a total of 1:40 seconds, all together, to get my chocolate right.

Step 3: Dunk

Now that your chocolate is smooth, its time to coat your Oreos.

1st, Cut a sheet of parchment paper to desired size, I chose a piece about 1' x 1'.

2nd, Place one Oreo in your bowl of chocolate. (picture 1 & 4)

3rd, Swirl your chocolate around the Oreo until covered. (picture 5)

4th, Once the Oreo is covered in chocolate, place it on your sheet of parchment paper.

5th, If desired, cover your Oreo in some sprinkles!

Step 4: Buen Hecho, Mis Amigos!

Now that you have finished making your snackers, its time to eat them!

Thank you for viewing my Instructable.

(-: Happy Holidays! :-)

P.S. Don't forget to clean up...

The Magical Duct Tape Kid, Thanksgiving 2008



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    You could probably mix peppermint flavoring into the chocolate and then sprinkle crushed candycane on top.

    it sounds like a great snack

    This allready exists or? At least in Argentina... but anyway good instructable

    That looks like a diabetes explosion! I love it. I think I might make some.

    An easy way to melt the chocolate )with out the risk of third degree burns from microwaved bark) is to us a warming pad under the bowl. This may take a little longer to melt all of it, but it will go evenly and you get a better coating.