This is a funny bread full of healty ingredients like carrot, banana, pumpkin and orange. Don't tell children!

You will need:
Yellow and orange things like half a banana, a little piece of pumpkin (precooked or canned version), 1 carrot, the juice of half an orange or a tangerin and so on.. I used all of those ingredients!


200g 0 flour


Step 1: Mix!

use the mixer for amalgamate the fresh ingredients

melt the yeast in orange/tangerine juice

add all to the flour, add sugar and work the dough for some time till you can do a thick ball

let it rest for 2 hours (sooner or later I will find the instant yeast)
How cute! So with all of those different ingredients in it, what would you say the bread tastes like?
Thank you Penolopy!<br>I love the taste, it's fresh and I can find a little of every ingredients in it.

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