If you are a creative person, then at some point in time you've wanted to make an original shirt or stencil.  Here is your chance to learn how to do it on the cheap and get really nice quality.  Just follow these steps and enjoy the process.  By the way, all of the stencils you see here, except the motorcycle, were completed by...........8th graders.  If they can do it, you can do it.

-a cool image printed on paper
-an x-acto blade
-a sheet of clear plastic overhead material
-small sponge in a clothespin
-some paper, a tie, or a shirt to print on

Step 1: Get Your Students Excited and Review Safety.

Make a really cool display on the board and create a slideshow of sorts.  Show students work by Shephard Fairey, Banksy, and the like.  Make sure they know not to do illegal art.  Review safety with x-acto blades and then have your students find cool images to print or draw their own.  
Excellent work! I've done some stencil work in the past, but never made an instructable on it. Easy to do, looks great, and can be a fun little project for the weekend!~ <br>5 stars and fav'd.

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