Swim Meet: What to Bring?


Introduction: Swim Meet: What to Bring?

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I love swimming, and swim meets are a great place to show off your skills, win ribbons, and do the sport you love!

I remember my first meet, I was so nervous that I would forget something important, like my swimsuit! So for all of our first timers (and old timers that still worry about forgetting something), I have put together a checklist of things that you need at a swim meet!

Step 1: The Basics

There Are a few obvious basics that you need:

Team suite

Team cap




A blanket

And a bag

Step 2: Snacks

Depending on how long the meet is and how far you are from home it is a good idea to bring a little something to munch on.

Good snacks to bring:


Granola bars

fruit/veggies (NO BANANAS!! Don't ask why, bananas and swimming just don't mix well...)

Bring a little extra to share with friends!

Don't bring sweets, caffeine, or anything that is obviously unhealthy.

Do not forget water! It is important to stay hydrated!

Also bring a little money because most meets also sell snacks and drinks to raise money.

Step 3: Something to Do While You Wait...and Wait...and Wait, for Your Event.

Bring a book to read while you wait.

I personally like chatting with friends and cheering on teammates rather than reading, but i usually bring a book just in case!

Step 4: Something to Wear After the Meet

Bring a change of clothes for after the meet.

Step 5: Confidence!

Always be positive! bring a winning attitude, and good sportsmanship.


Now go bust out some moves in the pool!



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