Swim-able Mermaid Tail



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First take long sweat pants

Step 1:

Next take foam and cut out an appropriate size tail peace

Step 2:

Then take any color plain old shirt and put it on the tail

Step 3:

Take your sweat pants and pick one leg and put both legs in it

Step 4:

Take a bead necklace and cut it once then cut two small holes in the bottom of the leg you chose one on each side put the beads threw both holes and send it around the middle of the tail make sure you tie it tight

Step 5:

Decorate add designs



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    14 Discussions

    cool mermaid tail

    Cool and it's like no sew

    Hey you haven't commented

    You wrap it around your waist

    I really like this, and want to make one now. I do have one question though: what happened to the other sweat pants leg?

    I got a new bts his name is BOB and he likes swimming like a mermaid two

    14, 8:29 PM.jpg

    Yeah I swam in them it's easy if you use light weight sweat pants but other than that there fun

    I like the pink and white best. Have you been for a swim in them yet? :)

    Taking the tail to the pool I'll send a pic or vid on how it works

    14, 12:58 PM.jpg

    Which tail did you like most I made both so I won't care which

    If you have any questions just ask