Swine Apple #4





Introduction: Swine Apple #4

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This is for my BACON Nations fan... swine on!

Step 1: The Needs

1 Pineapple

Pork tenderloin



Few Jalapeno

Spice rub ( I make my own)

BBQ sauce

Step 2: The Prep

Make a bacon weave mat

Cut the pineapple like it is in the picture

Cut tenderloin to size. (so it fits inside the pineapple) also. stuff chives and jalapeno inside the tenderloin and rub with spices

Step 3: The Wrap

Wrap bacon weaver around the stuffed pineapple( its a little tricky.)

Step 4: The Cook

Smoke at 225 for 3 to 4 hours, every 30 mins mop on BBQ sauce to make it sticky and yummy-er

Step 5: And Enjoy

and yes I like Bacon...



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    Freeze your bacon weaver in advance it is very easy to handle as it
    is stiff. Just lay in on top of the roll and as it starts to thaw it
    will be easily "moldable" to the roll. Your last image shows a lot of
    char. This is the burnt sugar from your mop sauce. I would use a
    vinegar-based mop sauce during the cook and save the sugar sauce for
    last until it just caramelizes. Much less bitter that way. Nice post!

    awesome combo, I'll give it a try next week!

    I don't have a smoker but I guess cooking on a low temp in the oven for a longer time should suffice... Amy advice?

    1 reply

    Sure you can.. just make sure its on a rack inside a cooking pan..cook at 250 for 2 1/2 to 3 hours should do the trick..enjoy