Picture of Swirl Nails
This is fun for people of all ages! Slightly time consuming but with great results at the end. Have fun
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Step 1: Products You Will Need

Picture of Products You Will Need
You can use as many colors as you want, I chose to use 2

Step 2: Base Coat

Picture of Base Coat
I painted two coats of white to help the colors "pop"

Step 3: Water

Picture of Water
Place room temperature water into a shallow bowl or dish

Step 4: Tape

Picture of Tape
Place clear tape around your nails to help with clean up later. I did one hand without tape I will show you later

Step 5: Drop The Polish

Picture of Drop The Polish
Slowly place a drop of your first color into the water. Make sure you don't drop it to fast as it may sink to the bottom. Repeat with the other color(s) one drop at a time on top of each other

Step 6: Swirl Away

Picture of Swirl Away
14, 4:50 PM.jpg
With a toothpick or bobby pin, swirl or zig zag a design in the polish. Dip your fingers right into the polish and leave for 3-5 seconds. With you finger in the water, use the toothpick or bobby pin to clean up the remaining polish in the water. You want to make sure it's all out before you drop more polish in

Step 7: No Tape

Picture of No Tape
This is the hand I did not use tape on. It took more time to clean up afterward and I risked messing up the other hand I had just done