Introduction: Swirl Pendant Lamp

I was looking at all the spiral lamps on the web and highly intrigued by the art forms. I started constructing it in my head and looking out for some handy materials that can be used to make one. This is a lamp that you can make with ease. Not only is it a great decor item for your living space, but a great addition to your parties. Using only simple materials like paper cups and sketch pad, you can produce a spiral elegant lamp, much of a designer's taste. Here I provide written instructions, as well as a video tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials

To complete this project, you will need several items as shown.

Step 2: Find Two Identical Paper Cups for This Project.

Picture of Find Two Identical Paper Cups for This Project.

Two medium sized paper cups are required. Here is the cup that I used in this demo. Note that you do not need to use the cups of the same dimension as mine. However, minor adjustment of distance is required when you attach the lampshade paper strips. This will be reiterated later.

Step 3: Prepare 13 Paper Strips

Picture of Prepare 13 Paper Strips

Cut out 13 paper strips (3.6 cm x 42 cm) from your A3 sketch/illustration pad. This should be quite easy to perform, as the A3 size gives an immediate 42 cm length. These strips will be used later to construct outer layer of the lamp.

Step 4: Clear the Bottom Face of a Paper Cup

Picture of Clear the Bottom Face of a Paper Cup

Start making the inner body of the lamp for hanging the globe and for attaching the paper strips. First of all, remove the bottom face of a cup. Clean up the residues on the edge to give it a neat appearance. The opening not only serves to cast the light, but ensures the ease of changing the light bulb.

Step 5: Apply Glue on the Rim

Picture of Apply Glue on the Rim

Apply 4 drops of heated glue on the rim of one cup.

Step 6: Stick 2 Cups Together

Picture of Stick 2 Cups Together

Stick 2 cups together evenly. In the meantime, pay attention to alignment of the sealed lines/regions. Apply slight force on cups to minimize the gap.

Step 7: Seal the Gap.

Picture of Seal the Gap.

Apply heated glue to completely seal the gap.

Step 8: Measure Out the Small Circumference

Picture of Measure Out the Small Circumference

Measure the circumference of the small circle and divide it by 13. In my case, it is 19.2 cm/13 = 1.48 cm.

Step 9: Mark the Cup for 13 Intervals.

Picture of Mark the Cup for 13 Intervals.

Mark on every 1.48 cm, starting from the sealed line. You will mark for 13 even intervals. Mark the second cup in the same way, starting from the aligned sealed region, such that its markings are directly opposite to those on the first cup.

Step 10: Apply Superglue Gel on a Paper Strip.

Picture of Apply Superglue Gel on a Paper Strip.

Apply a few superglue gel droplets within the first centimeter of the paper strip.

Step 11: Attach the Paper Strip.

Picture of Attach the Paper Strip.

Attach the strip on the first marking. The top side should lie flush with rim at start. Bring the other end to the other cup and attach it on the marking directly opposite.

Step 12: Attach the Second Strip.

Picture of Attach the Second Strip.

Attach the second strip in the same fashion. Note that the attached 2 strips should be just in contact in the middle. If 2 strips crowd each other or stay far apart, you will need to adjust the distance of strips. This may result in an increase of decrease of the strip number required. If this is the case, you will have to start from step 8 again.

Step 13: Cut a Cross.

Picture of Cut a Cross.

After completing the strip attachment, draw and cut a cross on the top face. make sure the intersection lies on the center.

Step 14: Apply Glue to Seal the Cross.

Picture of Apply Glue to Seal the Cross.

Place the globe and its accessories into the cup. Please use a light globe that is below 15W. Although in this project I used an incandescent light, LED light is the best choice in terms of energy efficiency. Avoid using the globe that is over 15W, as it can produce too much heat. Seal the cuts with glue or strong adhesive. Avoid using the tape, as its adhesive power loses with rising temperature. To this end, you have finished making a beautiful lampshade. Enjoy the glow!


christine828 (author)2017-07-17

This is a wonderful project! Thanks for the great video and instructions. I plan to give it a try. Wishing you all the best!

EzyCraft (author)christine8282017-07-18

Thanks and welcome. All the best with your attempt!

robbadooz (author)2017-07-14

I'm speechless. Thank you so much!!!

EzyCraft (author)robbadooz2017-07-16


Doyeah (author)2017-07-14

nice..i think im going to try this

EzyCraft (author)Doyeah2017-07-16

Good luck with making it.

TURBOTECHNOLOGY (author)2017-07-09

That's how you did that...
It looks imposible with your instructable image (cover)
Nice Instructable:)

EzyCraft (author)TURBOTECHNOLOGY2017-07-09

Thanks... yes it is made with very simple materials.

Two Paddles Design (author)2017-07-08

interesting, thanks for sharing

Glad you find it interesting.

inconceivable1 (author)2017-07-06

wow that looks amazing to be made out of just paper and some cups

EzyCraft (author)inconceivable12017-07-07

Indeed :)) Thanks for commenting.

jjnathan (author)2017-07-06

Wow nice...., work

EzyCraft (author)jjnathan2017-07-07

Thanks. Glad you like it.

TimothyM116 (author)2017-07-05

Really nice work. I'll try making a similar version for outdoor.


EzyCraft (author)TimothyM1162017-07-06

Great to have your comment and hopefully your project turns out well. Cheers.

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