Picture of Swirling Psychedelic Glasses (motorised)

As we all know, when a cartoon character is hypnotized, his eyes are spiral like and/or swirling.

Halloween is a good time to be hypnotized, so let's show it!

(This is a Very easy and low cost project I made in less than an hour.)

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For this simple instructable, you'll need:

- Metal grid, like the one that protects small speakers(or expanded metal)
- tippex or any white paint
- 2 small dc motors; like cell phone vibrating device or small toy motors.
- button cells and magnets
- Glasses frame
- wire

And that's all.
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Step 1: Motors

I got the motors and the cells from a small line follower toy.

I just took them off the toy, keeping a maximum of wire.

the smaller the motor, the better.

Step 2: Metal grid

The metal grid is a way to see, without being seen:

- there are holes everywhere, which will be very close to your eyes. you will be able to see through.
- holes are small and close one to an other, people wont see through.

I took it from a pair of small speakers, then flattened it, and found the center for the motor to take place.

Step 3: 2 eyes

Now, I cut two circles in the metal grid, it will form the "eyes" or the glasses.

My metal grid was painted in black so I used a pair of compasses along with a marker, which leaves a clear mark on it.

Use a strong pair of scissors.
LucDaRocka12 years ago
TalitaPeres3 years ago
ahahahahah that crazy!!! I love!
jovolomo (author)  TalitaPeres3 years ago
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That's awesome!
jovolomo (author)  jabronie253 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!