DIY Swirly-Heart Stud Earrings





Introduction: DIY Swirly-Heart Stud Earrings

I don't usually wear jewelries that much but recently I've started wearing ear studs. I'm in love with ear studs now, mainly because they're simple and cute. Anyways, this means that I need loads of and different kinds of ear studs. so I didn't wait and made a few pairs right away.
These ear stud is very easy to make and simple. This could be a nice gift for those who like to wear simple jewelries :)

P.S. You'll need to check if you're allergic to copper wire or usual craft wire before making these.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these ear studs you'll need:
  1. Craft wire- 18 gauge, (copper, golden or silver),
  2. Craft pliers- cutting, flat nose and looping pliers,
  3. Eraser or rubber- to make the earring backs,
  4. X-acto knife.

Step 2: Making the First Swirl

Hold the craft wire from one end, (keep it on the bundle),

Use the looping plier to make a small loop on that end,

Circle the wire around that loop once or twice (but not more than that),

Step 3: Completing the Swirly Heart

After making the first swirl hold the flat plier tightly right below the swirl,

Bend the wire upwards as shown in the picture,

Now make the second swirl, for the second swirl use the looping plier to make the outer loop and then carefully circle the wire towards the center to complete the second swirly pattern.

Step 4: Completing the Stud Earring

You're done making the heart? good, this step is the easiest,

Use the flat nose plier to make a 90 degree bend from the center of the second swirl,

Keep 2 cm of the bent wire straight (this would be the stem of the ear stud) and cut the wire from the bundle by using a cutting plier.

Step 5: Making the Ear-stud Backs

I used white eraser (rubber) to make the earring backs.

Use x-acto knife to cut the eraser into small pieces. 

You don't need to make a hole on the eraser ear ring backs, just carefully push and screw the stem of the ear stud on the small eraser pieces and it will create a hole.

Done! Aren't they adorable! 



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    these are cute, i wish i was working good with wire :( too bad, i mess up when i work with wires, (sigh)

    Thanks hun! I wasn't good at making wire jewelries even last year, had to practice a lot. But TBH, I've been practicing henna art for years but still no good... your henna art is the best :)

    Thank you :) you made my day, its not easy, years and years of practice, more than 10 years. i cant work with wires because i don't have jewelry making pliers and needed things, and in Sri lanka where i live, its really difficult to get good supplies.

    Cute! The eraser idea is really neat!

    Ohw, thanks shazni! I'm really happy you like it :)

    Cute! Love the light wire earrings!!

    These are adorable, and what a smart idea for earring backs. One thing I would point out is how many people are sensitive to metals that aren't stainless steel, titanium, actual silver or gold. Keep an eye on how they feel; metal allergies, sensitivities and other reactions can come on quickly and cause some health issues.

    Precious metal wires may be safer, but I know they are much more expensive. Anyway, that's my two bits. The earrings are very cute, and you did a good job of showing how they're made.

    Thanks so much! I'm glad everyone liked the rubber earring back!

    Thank you for the suggestions, I totally forgot to write about the metal allergies and sensitivities, thanks for pointing it out. I myself had to check if I'm allergic to copper craft wire after making the first pair, luckily I'm not!

    Thanks again!