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Introduction: Swirly PVC Pendant Light

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Since I did my PVC Pipe bangles, ideas on other ways of using this wonderfully flexible pipe kept crowding my mind.

The Pipe is so versatile! While experimenting I also found an easier way of doing these swirls, so read on :-)

Step 1: Materials

Large thin PVC pipe about 1 foot. It's the type they use for gutters. (I found some cut pieces at my mom in law's so I took them and gave it a good wash. )


hot glue gun and glue stick or PVC CEMENT as recommended in comments below

spray paint

light hardware.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut your PVC with strong scissors. Cut first slightly at an angle and then keep a 3-4mm or so width and cut around. Sort of like cutting a long strips in a t-shirt. Now follow next step and cut accordingly.

Step 3: Bending PVC in to Swirls Easily

I started off doing it the usual way of boiling the PVC.

Took pictures ( while I was boiling in this unbearable heat) of the swirl making process. Then while playing around with it when I was cooling off in the sofa, I discovered that I don't need to boil at all! So I scrapped off all the pictures. ( Thank God I did only little swirls!!). Of course if you are using the hard plastic you have to boil and then using pliers like I do in the video swirl and dip in cool water to hold the shape.

The first image is a GIF animation. It seems to work only if you click on it. I guess it's too big.

Here is the YouTube link


Cut the required amount of strip from the plastic strip. Then holding one end with the pliers slowly twist around holding the plastic firmly so it does not slip. Let the swirl loose and adjust the shape. Make various shapes as shown.

Step 4: Glue It Up!

Take a ball and apply oil to it, this is optional as some might find it cumbersome for if the pvc gets oil, the glue will not stick.

Glue swirls with hot glue. I did not cover the entire ball as I wanted an open ball to be able to change the bulb. I wanted it in a random open shape of a circle. It kind of looked like a wig :-)

Slowly remove ball and remove excess glue. Now spray paint it the color you want :-)

Step 5: Light It Up!

Light it up and see how gorgeous it looks! :-)

Thanks for reading through :-) if you liked it please take a moment to vote for the 3 contests I have entered it in. I would really appreciate it!



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    Now that is creative elegance. Its so beautiful!:) Well done my dear.

    Thanks dear!

    I want to make this so bad now. What diameter of pipe did you use.

    Sorry , seem to have missed this comment. I used 4" diameter pipe. It's the thin ones they use for the gutter

    loved it its awwwwsuummmm


    WOW! I just saw almost an identical design made from pewter on a lighting site ..... they wanted $90!!! I'd rather spend $9ish and try your way. It's gorgeous! You have such a creative mind to see this from a piece of PVC! Im blown away!

    Thanks! try using the pvc adhesive sugested as on another project I tried it and it held up great!

    Thanks! Lovely hearing from you :)