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Introduction: Swirly Paperclip Bracelet

Not your average 'string some clips together ' bracelet! This one was born of hours of frustration in front of a PC with 'network problems'. Instead of throwing the monitor out of the window, I started mutilating office supplies and a lovely accessory was born, Please take a moment to vote for me while you are here!!! I have been lusting after an Epilog Laser Cutter for quite a while!! Also, check out my other tutorials for more jewelry ideas! Thanks!!!

Step 1: What You Need

  • Paperclips
  • Needle nose pliers (or looping pliers if you have them)
  •  A clasp
  • Jump rings

Step 2: Straighten

Unbend your paperclip. Get it as straightened as you can.

Step 3: Make a Spiral

Grasp one end with your pliers and with your other hand wrap it around the end of your pliers as tightly as you can, forming a loop. Remove the loop from the pliers and turn it sideways so you are holding it flatly with the pliers. Pull the straight part of the wire around the loop, making subsequently larger circles around the original loop. Stop about half way up the paperclip

Step 4: Swirl the Other Side

Flip the clip and follow the same steps to make a spiral going the opposite direction on the other side.

Step 5: Repeat Repeat Repeat

To make a single strand you need to make 7-8 links, depending on the size of your wrist.

Step 6: Chain the Links Together

Open a jump ring and place two clips on the ring. Close the ring. Add two more jump rings in the same manner.

Step 7: Just Keep Linking

Add your remaining links in the same manner, until the chain is long enough to fit comfortably around your wrist.

Step 8: Clasp

Add a single jump ring to one end of the chain. On the other end, add a jump ring and a clasp. Close the jump ring tightly.

Step 9: Ta-da!

Wear your new bracelet with pride and remember that even if the *#%**@ computer doesn't work, you CAN still do something!



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    Just awesome. Gonna go make one this evening!

    cool! Im gonna go make this now :)

    I love playing and bending paper clips around and making things when I'm bored! This is perfect!

    My mother could never understand why I would straighten out paperclips. She considered it destructive. No imagination.

    That's awesome! I'm not sure whether I should show my wife so she can make one or keep this a secret and make her one myself. buy bracelet

    how do you make a loopy hook? i want to make one entirely of paper clips

    these are very cool. I have some colored paperclips that would make a very interesting bracelet, I think.

    This is really cool! I'll make one for my girlfriend. :)

    LOVE THIS! I've been wanting to try some chainmaille (sp?) and this is a great way to try it--easy and cheap!!
    Thanks for posting!

    What a great idea! I just made one totally of paper clips - including jump rings and a loopy hook (rather than a clasp). Now my friends will be getting them too!

    That's awesome! I'm not sure whether I should show my wife so she can make one or keep this a secret and make her one myself.

    Oooh if only they had an office supplies contest running too. Love this, so great

    That is actually really cool. And I'm a dude! ;)

    Very nice and very clever! :)