I've been twirling paperclips pretty regularly since I started making my Swirly Paperclip Bracelets ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Swirly-Paperclip-Bracelet/ ) and have been fooling around with other jewelry uses for them. (They are cute as earrings!). This tutorial shows you how to turn a paperclip into a ring (finger or toe.. I LOVE it as a toe ring myself). Take a look at my other tutorials while you're here!

Step 1: What You Need

  • A paperclip
  • Looping pliers
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Ring mandrel
<p>made it with a slight adjustment. looks more like a capital I. quite like my pleseant mistake</p>
Ohhh very nice
Nice! making one right now :)
Cute! I like that you just use one whole paperclip! I have some colored ones I could use too!

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