In case you like wearing simple jewelries, these earrings will be perfect for you! They're fairly easy to make, won't cost much and look nice as well. And... this one's probably my 13th swirl-themed ible :p

I hope you enjoy my another swirly craft and stay tuned for more!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these simple stud earrings you'll need:

  1. Craft wire - 18-20 gauge,
  2. Jewelry pliers,
  3. Eraser or rubber,
  4. X-acto knife.
<p>They are so cute and swirly!! </p>
<p>Thanks so much Em!</p>
I love these! I am already a &quot;jeweler&quot; but really like these! Thanks!
Nice work mate im not into jewellery, but I like your ingenious idea, they look great abd Thanks for sharing.
Those are so cute!!
<p>Thanks Abigail! :)</p>
<p>This is awesome! I can't wait to get some wire and make some myself. Thanks for the idea! (and swirly stuff is the best :-)</p>
<p>Thanks so much! Post pictures if you do make some. Love to share craft ideas, no problem!</p>

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Bio: Hey, I'm Muhaimina! A crazy craft addict! Obsessed with swirls, beautiful colors and shapes (especially triangles!)... and Instructables is pretty much my second home!
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