I've been trying to make wire rings for a while but couldn't come up with any new design. There are some awesome wire ring tutorials in instructables, you can find them here- https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Wire-Rings/ I found the swirly, twisty patterns fun and easy to make. So, in this instructable I'll show how to make swirly copper wire rings with different designs very easily.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these rings you'll need:

1) Crafting Wire (18-20 gauge),
2) Ruler - to measure wire for making swirls (optional),
3) Pliers,
4) Mandrel or any round object.

super cool
<p>what wire are u using</p><p>where to get this</p><p>amazing idea</p>
you can colour them too! nice work:)
<p>Love your designs</p>
<p>Thanks! share a picture of you made one :)</p>
Can you add small beads in ?
<p>i did already but it was a 6 swirl ... it </p><p>looks real good ... i'll try to put a picture</p>
<p>sure, actually I'm working on it, swirls and beaded jewelry, stay tuned :) </p>
good idea.
wow nice ring there!
Thanks! glad you like'em :)
ur welcome haha
wow this is a great idea for jewlery <br>
Thank you sooo much :)
These are very nice; well done!<br> <br> I would recommend coating them in sort sort of sealer though, at least on the underside, where they come into contact with skin. Sweat/oxidation could cause them to discolor eventually, and that discoloration could even rub off on one's fingers. Any kind of clear, water-based sealer would work, and will guarantee your rings stay exactly as beautiful as they are now. :)
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely keep that in mind next time.
its nice,,,its always b a fun to play with wire,,it recalls my childhood,v make tiny jewelry wth wires small rings n neclaces....
Wow, I can't believe I missed these! They are so beautiful! You are really good at working with wire, I make a mess with it everytime I try! :D
Thank you sooo much Linda! I'm sure you can make these, making the swirls are quite easy.
Love these!
Is the inner side covered with something (like a varnish) or is it just copper?
Usual copper coated crafting wire.
cool! Kinda reminds me of mehndi! Maybe tap it on the mandrel with a rawhide hammer a few times, to help harden the wire a bit?
Thanks! yes, typical mehndi design! I'll keep that in mind next time :)
Amazing Instructable!!! Thanks for sharing!
Glad you like it! no problem :)
Thanks emily!

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Bio: Hey, I'm Muhaimina! A crazy craft addict! Obsessed with swirls, beautiful colors and shapes (especially triangles!)... and Instructables is pretty much my second home!
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