Introduction: Swirly

This is something very fun and nice to do whenever your free, I personally find it entertaining, this is my first instructable and I hope you guys enjoy it, please give me some suggestions and I will make something out of it ;)

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need : • a pencil • scissors ( if you want to make a stencil ) • paper ( any type ) • eraser ( for mistakes ) • ruler ( to make the stencil border )

Step 2: Be Creative

Draw any twirly shape, and draw more around it

Step 3: Bigger Is Better

Te more big and twirly your shapes are the better it will become

Step 4: Outline

Outline all of the shapes you have done

Step 5: If You Want to Stencil It

Stencil is when you cut the inner shape, and after you cut all of the shapes you could get another piece of paper, put the stencil on top and just paint over it



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Simple, but I believe that they are relaxing, although I did not try it myself. Thanks for sharing! Now I need to find a free moment in order to actually do this...