Modify your keys to fit in a leatherman. This is a real clever way to pack some spare keys around. You can fit up to six keys in one mini multi-tool.

Step 1: Materials

NOTE: Let me first state that I stumbled on this Idea browsing through the edcforums. There was a post a while back where user, shadeone had posted some pictures and a short tutorial on building one of these sweet little babies. Check out the original forums thread started by shadeone here. I take no credit for originating this idea, I've just documented my own experience building one. This is a modification to his original half micra design which allows me to keep the pliers and a few tools.
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Leatherman Micra - ( I used a cheapo Husky clone that I got at home depot for $2)
Keys - (be sure to make copies of them first)
Something to cut the keys with - (I used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel.
This thing is gonna get me killed by a highway patrolman someday.
OMG! My father is actually a policeman and we laughed a lot once I showed him this. It will be so cool to post this as the <a href="http://www.bestmultitoolreview.net/" rel="nofollow">Best Multitool</a> for your car! We can't stop laughing! Thanks for sharing Speckone!
Lol, that image has made my day<br /> Cops: have you stolen this car and rammed a mulitool into the ingnition switch?<br /> me: *removes key* No officer, *procedes to open multitool to show off the other keys*<br /> Cops: *pulls hand gun* Put down the weapon, exit the vehicle and put your hands on our back!<br /> <br /> lol again.<br />
hahahahahahahhAHA lol man good 1
dude, my mom, and dads car uses the chip in the key, I wanted to give them one for Christmas.
you can bring it to the store and have them fit a normal key for around 9 bucks
If you try to use a regular key in a vehicle that requires a chip key, it will actually lock out vehicle use on the internal computer. You HAVE to get the EXACT key from an auto retailer, or online, otherwise you will go through a great deal of trouble and money.
looks like you just hotwired that car
Bahaha dude thats awesome.
hahaha Nice instructable but is pretty heavy so it may screw up your key switch and they are annoying as hell to replace.
hey... is that... MY car??? :D
i'm planning on making one of these
hahaha. Yeah, that doesn't look suspicious at all. Very Cool!
Haha, that is hilarious! Nice one!
This is the most practical thing I've ever seen on instructables
<p>Wow that awesome, so detailed info and thats a great idea also! I just discovered this site and I am amazed! Regards, Dianne from <a href="http://bestar15scope.org" rel="nofollow">bestar15scope.org</a></p>
<p>Amazed at your patience in this review. <br>Dissembling and putting it back together, I can only imagine the time <br>needed just for this post.</p><p>I've worked in a multitool factory for <br>years, and this might not be the <a href="http://www.bestmultitoolkit.com/" rel="nofollow">best multi tool</a> out there, but the <br>thoughts in the comments and the article itself really made my day.</p>
<p>This can double as the <a href="http://www.bestmultitoolreview.net/best-edc-knife/" rel="nofollow">Best EDC Knife</a>. It will be cool to have this type of key for your car, but at the same time use the same key as a good blade. :) </p><p>Maybe this will be coming soon. :)</p>
<p>Reminded me of this, Would hate to get stopped with that in your ignition.</p>
Nice! I'm working out of the country right now, but I will be doing this as soon as I get home!
Nice, love this idea. I did a variation where I turned the entire leatherman into a key chain, but this by far cooler - Tips the virtual hat<br>
I'm always breaking keys in my pocket, this is a great idea!<br />
how do you manage to break keys? That seems really difficult especially without trying
Breaking keys can happen quite easily, falling off your bike or skateboard, slipping on a banana peel and landing on an edge, getting hit by a bus can do some damage to your keys.&nbsp; Typically these activities will only result in the breaking of one key.&nbsp; It is possible to break all keys, crashing in an airplane will do it (especially if the keys burn in jet fuel for 1-2 hours).&nbsp; Being a martyr for and Islamic extremist group can tend to destroy keys in your pocket among other things!&nbsp; Well the list goes on and on, I&nbsp;hope this gives you an idea of how really easy it is to break keys in your pocket!<br />
That's the best rely EVER!
what if your bomb needed that key and you broke it? bet you'de be in trouble then! Who do Martyrs/Islamic extremists get in trouble from anyway? I cant imagine a small terrorist child being given 300 lines of &quot;I must check the polarity of the detonator&quot; by his teacher<br /> <br /> jk for all those&nbsp;who are a &quot;bit&quot; touchy
I just laughed so hard at these comments..
LOL!!!!<br />
Wish they would stop acting like children and destroy something worth destroying...... like spammers........ or most of youtube.
lol i love instructables
agreed... some of the stupidest comments i've ever heard/seen...
This is brilliant! You could use colored keys like these http://origin-images.ttnet.net/pi/eto/10/04/04/12/10040412-10.jpg :)
This is great! While not suitable for newer (chipped) car keys, I have a bunch of door &amp; padlock keys that I carry around. When kept on a ring they wear holes in my pocket &amp; gouge my leg, and those little leather key wallets keep breaking.
if you nee a chipped key just get a Keyport similar deal but they have the chips that can be programmed 2
Now you just need to add a couple of Lockpicks and a torsion wrench on the other side!<br>
Very cool idea. Though you do lose a few tools by doing so the whole thing is pretty clever. Perhaps you could sacrifice just one tool and replace it with a bump key.<br />
maybe make handles for the other tools?
This is a great idea! I have a couple of those cheap buggers around right now! I usually get them as a free gift for signing up for stuff or as promotional items. I really don't think it will be something that I could use on a day-to-day basis as some of the keys I carry can not be copied (Federal law) but for the house and car, this will be great to have that spare set in case of loss. Woulderful Instructible!
That's a great idea! Welldone!
NIce, but you surely can't carry that with you on a plane, with all the blades
I would never be able to operate this when drunk, and I would end up sleeping on my porch.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have a hard enough time with a normal key sometimes.<br />
Maybe that would be better than a dui or killing someone (including yourself)? You could market them as a test for seeing if you are too drunk to drive.
I think Im gonna fill one of these up with assorted bump keys for common locks.

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