All I wanted was to make something that looks cool, that was easy to create but was impossible to print. So here is the swiss cheese cube! The design is basic, a cube with 9 holes on each of its side.

Step 1: Can You Print It?

With a perfectly balanced printer that has good retraction, I think it would be possible to print this without support, but mine isn't capable of...

Step 2: If You Want to Try...

The STL files to print this bad boy (and a smaller 3x3 holes one) are on Thingiverse, try to do it and show me your failure (or succes)!


<p>I thought you said with 9 holes on each side, but this design I see has 25 holes on each side, is there a reason for this discrepancy?</p>
Yes you are right. On the thingiverse link, I made two version of this cube and I messed up my description. One has 25 holes per side and the smaller one has 9 holes per side. The one on the picture is the big one (100mmx100mmx100mm)
<p>Fun design. Perhaps it would be possible to print it in multiple larger parts and then glued together. </p>

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