Introduction: Swiss Cheese Mouse House

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Create this easy-to-make cute pumpkin centerpiece for the Halloween season

Step 1: What You Will Need

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Faux white pumpkin

Little rubber mice

Dollhouse fence

Boring drill bits

All items can be found at you local craft, Halloween and hardware stores

Step 2: Instructions

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1) Drill various size holes randomly in pumpkin

2) Shake pumpkin to rid inside of drilling debris

3) Place rubber mice in and around the pumpkin

Step 3: Finished Swiss Cheese Mouse House

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jstaud (author)2016-10-23

Drill bits are never boring!

KarenK116 (author)jstaud2016-10-24


ZAwesomePerson (author)2016-10-09

That is really cool and I think you will win for sure

KarenK116 (author)ZAwesomePerson2016-10-09

Thank you, I hope so :) :)

would you tell us where you got the mice ?

I can't find any in my area or online that look like yours, white, whiskered, etc.

check the dollar stores, Walmart, Kmart, craft stores, etc. also, if you can't find a white pumpkin you could paint one white.

I made one last year but I used a regular orange pumpkin and black mice as it was holloween and the colors coincided better. Plus I added l.e.d. lights and a few other holloween type items.

KarenK116 (author)Lavoz242016-10-24

Thanks for the great ideas ! I might have to give them a try. I got my white pumpkins at Hobby Lobby craft store on sale.

Yes, I got mine at a store called Spirit Halloween. We have several here in Denver. Spirit Halloween has a WebSIte but they don't seem to sell these little critters on their site. Weird !!! Do you have a Spirit Halloween store in your area?

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