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When we go out for working outside, we can not predict what type of tools may require
And it's better to have minimum basic tools while we work
for example Swiss screw driver set

I made this simple Swiss multiple tools set literally from scrap material !
All I have was broken Hex-blades, broken Scissor, My grand mother's broken spectacle Lens
Twisser, Old Speakers Magnet and a old LED battery !

If we go clockwise of the first snap

1) Scissor oneside broken plastic finger grip,  I drilled a hole  of  4.1 mm to another plastic finger grip--Used to snip small material
2) Speaker Magnet is fixed by Epoxy on a broken Hex-saw blade--Used to remove any screw at in-accessible point
3) Broken Hex-saw blade, it's 1 pin on one side is broken
     I made that hole bigger to 4.1 mm--Used for small cutting
4) Twisser , drilled a hole of 4.1--Used to pick small things
5) Broken Hex-saw blade-- One side is sharpened to use for small cutting (knife)
6) Broken Hex-saw blade-- End side ground to shape as small screw drivers tip
7) Spectacle Lens sticked by Epoxy at the tip--Used as Magnifying glass
8) Old small LED battery-- Used for light

The Hole thing is fixed in a M4 Ch hd Screw, Nut and washers

All the things remain at one place and and it is very handy and with no cost !


solomonhorses (author)2012-05-02

Totally AWESOME!!!

nachiketa (author)solomonhorses2012-05-02


RuchaP (author)2012-04-20

Amazing !! Loved it.

nachiketa (author)RuchaP2012-04-20


Kaptain Kool (author)2012-04-20

Great job!

nachiketa (author)Kaptain Kool2012-04-20


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