Swiss Tech Ipod Case


Introduction: Swiss Tech Ipod Case

how to make a cool looking and tough ipod case out of a swiss tech box

Step 1: Get Materials

go out and get a drill, sander (optional), swiss tech box, and an ipod nano 2nd generation

Step 2: Cut to Size

pull out first piece of foam and cut it to fit the ipod with a sharp object

Step 3: Drillbit Taylor

drill a hole for headphones in the case

Step 4: Make Small Indention in Top Half of Case

if you don't do this and the headphones are in it won't fit right

Step 5: YOU'RE DONE!!!!

congradulations!!! you now have the most awesome and effective case money can't buy.



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    Are you making this with an altoids tin if so where's you get the logo for Swiss tech

    ok... good instructable... but you could have cut the ipod sized foam down alittle so the ipod sits lower thus not needing the extra notch and giving a cleaner overall look... but i liked this sadly it wont work with my swiss tech box as i have a classic 80gig also why do people use the ipod headphones? i know they come with it but i find them rather tinny... id recommend some skullcandy headphones...

    9 replies

    I guess that is a good point but I just don't like having them sit around my neck all day as opposed to shoved in my pocket

    then get the skullcandy In-ear FMJ

    i use the ipod headphones because there free but also there small i wouldn't want to walk around town carting around big headphones when i can just jam the little white ones in my pocket

    alas then you have never rocked upto someone with a good pair of headphones around your neck... instant convo starter and as for ipod headphones... most avoid all those who still use them... tinny and lacking in general


    They hurt my ears. Then I got some in-ear skull candy and they were my favorite pair of headphones. But the they broke. I got another pair of in-ear ones that were'nt as good but they broke too. =( Then I got some over the ear ones and they have et to break.=) Well technically they did but the actual speakers part were fine so i still use them.


    The HESH ones are Skullcandy's best for value isolation quality and durability. They feel so solid because they just are so solid, and are big and comfortable feeling.

    oh my gosh skullcandy are the best. i got some for my bday and the in-ear factor blocks out so much noise and pumps the music straight into your rocks

    i have lowriders... in ears bug me... but may endup getting a pair of skullcandy buds at some point... never had anything so crisp and clear... no matter how loud... and good bass response

    Just did it took 5 seconds...i love these quick and useful ones...

    lol, i know swiss tech, their things are made in china, lol ironic

    I didn't think this would be that great, but I was wrong. This looks really cool as you said at the beginning. Nice job!