Switchless Sensor Based Cheap Flashlight




Introduction: Switchless Sensor Based Cheap Flashlight

When load-shedding occurs we need to find a flashlight but it's difficult to find the switch of flashlight in darkness.So I made a flashlight that will light up if you rotate it 180 degree.So it will be easy for you to operate it and it won't be too much costly.your cost will be $2-3 to make this flashlight.

Step 1: Things That Will Be Needed

1.A pen stand

2.A led strip or led's(you can make it by connecting white led's in parallel)

3. 8mm copper wire

4.9 volt battery holder

5.aluminium foil

6.9 volt battery

Step 2: Creating the Copper Ball

At first you need to create a copper ball by twisting copper wire together.Then attach a wire with the copper ball.

Step 3: Preparing the Sensor

Put the copper ball in the pen stand.Attach a wire with the aluminium foil.Then use the aluminium foil as the lid of the pen stand.

Step 4: Preparing the Circuit

Make the circuit as the picture

Step 5: How It Works

When you flip the pen stand 180 degree then the copper ball will fall on the aluminium foil and electricity will flow through the copper ball and aluminium foil and the led's will light up.



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