I've had back & shoulder problems for years (have a shoulder joint replacement) and found many years ago that working in a semi-reclining position kept my muscles from tightening up. I've had several custom desks, chair modifications, etc. over the years but never anything as cool as what I've got now. My husband built it so I've go to get the instructions from him, but for now you can see how versatile it is. I can work or view the screen from 3 different seats, and when I'm not working the whole thing collapses and swivels out of the way.
<p>Hey its Seth. I don't think my messages are getting through on your phone.</p>
Will you ever have your husband explain how he made this great laptop stand?&nbsp; I'm sure many of us that love instructables would really be interested in making something similar for ourselves or family members who also have issues sitting in uncomfortable positions.&nbsp; Please ask him for all of us!!! :)<br />
Awesome idea! Have you got any more photos or details of the design?
Are all the shelves hung off the floor to ceiling pole? How did the pole have to be mounted to the ceiling? Thanks
that's great. If your so inclined, the same freedom can be achieved by using one of the projectors on the market which are quickly declining in price. My monitor is the wall in front of me, my keyboard is in my lap, and I have a gyroscopic air mouse. So it's using remote controls on my couch. The projector is also my TV. I have to say it is the best investment in gear I've made.
Very impressive and professionally built. I would love to have one of those to reduce the clutter caused by too many equipment and gadgets connected to my laptop. It would be great if you could ask your husband to donate the blueprints. I would build one with more tiers and maybe incorporate additional pipes to run the cables and wires thru. Looks so great..Thanks for the idea

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