For all the people that own swords or perhaps a machete here is how you can build a sheath (if your blade didn't come with one or the old one broke.) It is a very simple project plus it helps to keep the blade protected, not to mention you...safe.

Step 1: Supplies

There are not very many supplies needed to complete this project. The few items you may need are:
*Sword, or knife( you need something to sheath)
*knife or scissors( for use as a tool)
*tape or glue
*pencil, ruler
So Beautiful... I'm jealous
where did you get the swords themselves? More beautiful than my scimitars. my favorite fighting weapon: the double scimitar. I also like Japenese straight swords
sorry, not to be mean just wondering didn't the Chinese have strait swords, i never heard of a Japanese strait sword, i mean if you have a katana why would you need anything else?. i don't know much about kung fu weapons but i know the strait sword is chinese ( i have 2 of them)&nbsp; but if there is a japanese strait sword let me know, it sounds pretty cool.<br />
&nbsp;Yea, I don't know of any Japanese straight swords either, actually the one I do know that is Chinese, the Jian, is called the Kana by the Japanese; however it is still the same Chinese sword...Idk if the Japanese actually ever used it.
i have, a ninjato/ninjaken you know ninja swords? they are straight that's why they are uk mass produce legal.
i have seen a sort of straightened Katana, compleatly impracticale, but it is a &quot;straight japanese sword&quot;<br />
No offense, but it seems like you made this instructable just to show off your cool blades. <br />
&nbsp;hahaaa! On the contrary....I made it to enter into the Cardboard contest that was a while ago...but people also like looking at swords, if I didn't have them in this it would just be lame and not as cool. You said yourself they were &quot;cool blades&quot; lol
Sorry man I'm not trying to be mean, the swords are definitely cool. And I didnt know about the contest, I'm kinda new to this site. I'll add an instructable soon hopefully. <br />
&nbsp;It's all good...I never took it as you trying to be mean anyways. &nbsp;Welcome to the site, I'm interested to see what you have to offer instructable wise.
How can I keep the blade from falling out?<br />
i thought you were making a sheath not a cardboard thing that wouldnt work i mean seriously at least make it look cool <br />
ok *** hole, have you thought that maybe it does work and maybe its just that you suck at making anything that takes a lil effort?... Mine works just fine and does not fall apart or split open.&nbsp; BTW this was for the cardboard contest that was like a couple months ago...pls if your gonna comment, make it constructive or at least a &quot;little helpful
not to mention it's a cheap and easy way to protect your blade from scuffs.<br />
Could you make a more sturdy sheath????
You probably could depending on the cardboard you use or the way you fold it together, but the one I have shown is actually very sturdy the way I folded it.
i have that sabre i got it at the flea market
nice I got mine from a garage sale for around 20 bucks i think...
only 20 bucks cool how about the great sword (beauty)
I wanna say I got the greatsword for around 40-50 bucks but I'm not so sure anymore...
hell ya shes a beauty!!!!! i have 19 swords on my wall.
where'd you get that sabre?
I got fro a garage sale....I should have posted pics of all my swords...that pics only like 1/4th of em lol

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