Swords, Daggers, and Axes





Introduction: Swords, Daggers, and Axes

Here are just a few of the swords, daggers, and axes i've made over the years. i've always been fascinated by swords and blades of all types. when i was younger i wanted a sword and couldn't afford one so i guess my skills started out with a hacksaw and a file and a piece of steel i found laying around, and have been growing ever since. i'm still working on improving my skills, and would like to learn blacksmithing , and build my own forge one day.
Edit: Molnar Sword instructable is now up here:  https://www.instructables.com/id/Sword-Making-by-Stock-Removal/



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    I'm pretty sure these are supposed to be instructions not advertisements

    hey man awsome. i just started pretty much the same as u. i used an old bed rail and a jig saw to make a sword, its pretty lame:(

    It is a start is it not ;) "lame, is simply practise pieces" ;)

    Thanks. Hey steel is steel, as far as making blades, it all starts with one project and you can build skills from there. and it can turn out as good as you want just takes time and patience

    I really like the sword in slides 4-7, please make instructions :O

    That is the one i plan on doing the instructable on. and Thanks.

    Awesome i cant wait to see that! I don't have enough steel for it tho :(

    honestly, i used stuff i had laying around my garage, tho i do keep alot of usefull scrap and steel and stuff i think can be used for fixing or making things.

    Impressive ,do you melt it down or like forge it into a block and then draw out the swords?