Introduction: Symbolic Soap

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For years women have tortured themselves by trying to mould themselves into the perfect woman. Never achieving that goal creates a society driven by unattainable perfection. This is a statement against that backwards thinking.

Items contained within:

Soap shavings,
Gel medium,
The ashes of magazine ads that personify the unattainable.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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This is really very simple.
All you need is a bar of soap. Ivory worked for me.
A standard kitchen cheese grater.
A bowl.
Gel Medium (optional)
Magazine ads.

Step 2: Grate Your Soap

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Grate your soap into a bowl.

Step 3: Add Water.

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Ad a little bit of water but just enough to get the soap slightly damp.

Step 4: Mix in the Ash

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This is the point when we add the ash which we got from burning the offensive propaganda. This is also when I added the gel medium. I did not intend to use this soap again. The gel medium helped the soap to set nicely. This is totally optional.

Step 5: Mould Your Soap Mixture.

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Because I'm a woman and I'm responding to the negative portrial of women in the media I've chosen the classic goddess figure. She's got the full hips and the big breasts that personify health and fertility. This is what a woman should be.

Step 6: You're Done!

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Now you'll always have a reminder not to let the pressure of modern society's skewed view of the "Perfect" woman get to you.


expert_daydreamer (author)2014-11-22


expert_daydreamer (author)2014-11-22


unjust (author)2007-10-05

so... you're soap as a modeling medium for anti-consumer dirt? the contaminating a cleanser is interesting, and using a refined soap like ivory is particularly ironic, maybe a beauty bar would be even more so? as far as being an instructible, what do you mean by gel medium?

hardkeor (author)unjust2014-04-11

Dove is a beauty bar! And they have those gauche ads.

Crash2108 (author)2007-10-04

Dirty soap?

cheesy soda (author)Crash21082007-12-12


cheesy soda (author)2007-12-12


Garth Knight (author)2007-10-04

My wife assures me that there is nothing I can say that will not be inappropriate. . . must . not . type anyth

Just say it. We won't prosecute.

awoodcarver (author)2007-10-06

I would have never thought to mold it , I would have carved it then rolled it in the ashes , very nice work!

Babyshoes (author)2007-10-05

I love the symbolism of this, as well as the aesthetics of your soap sculpture. You seem to be pretty artistic, doubt I could make something that looked this good without a mould!

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