This is it!  A project I've been planning for a while.  The previously named Scorpio Turret Pistol first appeared here.  Just this morning, I found a song that was really cool; it's called Symphony by Erasure; although it says it's by Erasure, it's mostly Vince Clarke working his magic on the synths.  Anyways, it is obviously this gun's theme song, and although I've linked it already, I am also linking it here.

THe Symphony Pistol is a really cool, versatile pistol and it uses my 'custom' turret, the DOTR8.  It gets insane ranges even with pitiful bands tied in knots.  WIth just two absolutely, disgustingly miserable bands, it has gotten about 60 feet easy.  It has an easy, fast reloading system for the turret, and a new concept trigger.  I've had this trigger concept bouncing in my head for a while.  It, again, uses The Racker's Trigger on his Racker Rifle as a part of the mechanism.  The other part of the mech is a simple, sliding piece that pushes into the Racker Trigger (I'm going to call it this from now on), pushing it upwards and freeing the pin.

i hope you enjoy the pictures so far.  More will be uploaded soon, and instructions may not be posted for a while because I'm planning on doing a review of KILLERK's TR8.

Thanks for viewing, and comments are most definitely appreciated.

I hope you enjoy!

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I want to try that owl thing
, ,<br> (0,0)<br>&lt;(|||||)&gt;<br> ' ' <br>This is amazing!!! where did you come up with this?
I love how the handle isn't at the far back of the gun
Three months late but thanks. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, though. :3
Nice, and very good range!
Thanks! It did go really far. :D
Not to be a debbie downer, but: https://www.instructables.com/id/GKTP/ <br> <br>Literally the same thing. Posted over a year ago. I don't have a problem with turret pistols, but this isn't really anything new. I know you were probably unaware of it, but since it is so similar to the GKTP there really isn't a need for this. Not trying to be mean, but yeah. The other guys kinda have a point here.
Yeah, they do. I've acknowledged that and all. :I <br> <br>I know there's not a need for it, but I think it looks pretty, so I guess it's here to stay. Also, the GKTP doesn't have instructions; only the oodavolver does; I think it'd be nice for the community to have a choice with turret pistols, and I'm kind of bored so I think I'll post instructions for the fun of posting instructions and for the experience of posting instructions. (I already took pictures for instructions, anyway) <br> <br>I do really that you'll frown against this because you have a pretty strict 'I won't just post everything I make' policy, but I don't care as much: I kind of think posting instructions is recreational more than anything. <br> <br>I know you're not trying to be mean, but helpful. Thanks!
Wait, actually... Looking how similar that is... I don't think instructions are coming... It looks like plagiarism almost. I didn't know Dj's was THAT similar.
Hey if you want to post instructions for my gun feel free. If this was unintentional I completely understand, I just don't want people taking credit for my work.
Yeah, I kind of came upon this mech by accident. Great minds think a like, right? I didn't know you still come on here that often. Nice to meet you! I've seen a lot fo your work and it is very impressive, I must say.
I don't, I moved to youtube. Knex doesn't really interest me as a hobby anymore, and I just came back to see what has been going on last night.
Even if it does use the Racker trigger mech, or whatever I 3rd to BM.
I can just paste what I said to BM and Red as a reply (I'm pretty sure everything applies): <br> <br>What's wrong with another Oodavolver? There have been a ton of oodammo pistols; when I made one no one complained. When I post a turret pistol, people are comparing it to the only other contemporary on the site: the Oodavolver. I'm not mad or anything, I'm simply curious as to why it's being downgraded as 'another Oodavolver.' Is every Oodammo pistol with a flip mag 'another MeZak?' Is every replica rifle with a mag 'another pin gun?' I think not. <br> <br>I'm actually curious as to why certain responses to guns come out, when with another type of gun it seems to be acceptable. I'm actually kind of confused right now. &gt;:? And anyways, the majority of what you have posted are basic pin rifles. They are, very, very well built, mind you; don't get me wrong about that. I do love your work. &lt;3 <br> <br>I do agree: it is an Oodavolver in some sense, but then again, it's not: the trigger mech is more innovative than you think; it's a new kind of sliding trigger that incorporates The Racker Trigger. <br> <br>And seriously... Does anyone read the intro paragraph? There's never anyone who comments about the song I put along with the gun, and it makes me sad. D: Even if you don't like it, I'd like to hear your reaction. :3
The thing is, what's the point of having another gun that doesn't improve on any existing mechanisms and does the same thing with just cosmetic changes? You might as well build the original. <br> <br>Originality is what makes the best weapons the best and what sets them apart from the thousands upon thousands of other guns posted on this site. This used to be a huge problem in 2008 with the Block Trigger guns. Same gun, nothing new, and were almost always worse than Killerk's pistol in 2006.
Very true. I was having a bad day that day. :I <br> <br>I'm actually working on an innovative project right now that I can't reveal. It will be much better than this, and I'll probably post instructions whenever it is done. Not so much for this thing: it is way to similar to your work and Beanie's oodavolver. <br> <br>It'd be cool to see you get on instructables more often, but you know, if Halo's taking up your time, I think we can all respect that.
I'll listen to the song. Secondly, I fine that with a pistol with a turret such as your can't have much of an option to make it different to the others. For that reason people tend to generalize them.
Yeah, that's true. How did I not see this comment before? <br> <br>Also, I realize that if someone sets out to build a pistol to do a specific thing, you get similar results. Although mine has a different mech, turret, handle, and internals, people just see another turret pistol; I get that. I still think that it would be kind of cool to have more pistols like this. I'd think it'd be nice to have options for what turret pistol you build; it's kind of like brand names of certain products. <br> <br>For example, compare Beanie's Oodavolver to Pepsi, and Symphony to Coke. It's all about what people prefer: I like TR8's better because they don't take too many pieces and are just cool looking, so I built this. I'm sure that there are other people who'd prefer Beanie's Oodavolver (which is one of my favorites) and there are people who'd prefer this. It all just depends. <br> <br>I'm glad that you're letting me know what you think; I'll try to post things that don't resemble other guns, but sometimes I feel like a gun should have some rivalry. :3
I'll listen to the song. Secondly, I fine that with a pistol with a turret such as your can't have much of an option to make it different to the others. For that reason people tend to generalize them.
Hmm... I see you have a new signature... ;) it's a great looking gun! But if you post instructions, try to use regular pictures! :P
Yeah, I wonder who could've made that? And thanks!<br> <br> I'll definitely post instructions with regular pictures, if I ever do; it's doubtful, because apparently everybody thinks this is another Oodavolver. &gt;:L &nbsp;It's cool, though, I guess they're kind of right, and I might as well delete this; if nobody likes it, well, then what's the point...
No I think you should still keep it. It IS still your oroginal creation, so at the very least, keep it to show the kind of things you can build. Besides, the more ibles you have under your name the better (IMO). I pride myself in posting as much as I can, because the more good projects you post, the more respected you become in the community! I think its a great gun! Maybe you could mod it into a bigger and better assault rifle! ... And I DO want to see your trigger mech! :)
Thanks! This instructable also turned the number under my name green, so I think that it's here to stay. :3
What you want is to get it ORANGE! ;) :P
Yeah =D
What? 40 ibles apart and we still get the color orange. It must stay for awhile.
I think it stays from then on! People that have hundreds of ibles have orange still! I wonder what happens when you get to a thousand... (Sound of gears turning...)
Looks pretty cool! Again I like the color choice although it looks like you black and white effected all the photos except for the red connectors. Looks cool though I like it!
I like the kinda techno feel tot he song. However it isn't my sorta thing these are a few of my favorite songs. Notice how they are very different. <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPC2Fp7IT7o <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR-qQcNT_fY <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8ekz_CSBVg <br> <br>Yes, 2 of those songs are kinda dark, I'm not :)
Looks nice :D
Thanks! &gt;:L
I guess it is alright, but I agree with Blue Mullet 2.

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