Syndicate Your Instructables, Forum Topics, and Favorites to Twitter and Facebook





Introduction: Syndicate Your Instructables, Forum Topics, and Favorites to Twitter and Facebook

Using the RSS feeds from your account and a couple of useful websites, it's possible to syndicate and share your Instructables, forum topics, favorites, and all the rest of your activity on Instructables to Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to share your projects and posts on with friends and family that might be more familiar with Facebook or Twitter.

You can use these same techniques for other sites too, and I'll let others respond in the comments with their favorites.

Once you're syndicating your projects, you might want to follow the featured or recent Instructables on Twitter or Facebook.

Step 1: Find Your Instructables RSS Feeds

The RSS symbol next to a listings of Instructables items is a link to that listing's RSS feed. Copy the URL of the feed.

Step 2: Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed will post multiple RSS feeds to your Twitter account. Create an account, and setup your RSS feeds.

Step 3: RSS Mix

Facebook allows you to import a single RSS feed. When viewing your profile, click the import pull-down tab, and choose Blog/RSS. If you want to import multiple feeds, you'll need to combine them into a single feed. For this, I use RSS Mix. You can see my example RSS Mix feed here. This will import your Instructables activity as "Notes" on Facebook.

You can also link your Twitter account -- with Instructables activity through Twitterfeed -- to Facebook for status updates. On Facebook, I have all my Instructables activity syndicated both through Twitter and through Blog/RSS Notes. I find that some people just follows status updates, while others want the additional information available in the full-text of a note.



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    hy guys iam onimax i am new member in this site i hope everybody give me answer for some question

    very incredible

    great site! everybody should discover this on FB!

    Hi my name is Penny, I'm adding the Instructables group to my facebook page.

    Booyah! time to put FB to goood use!!

    My activity on faceache is about to improve no less than 99%.

    Well, it looks like I might need to dust off that old FB account and put it to some good use. Looks like the friends will find out how much of a nut bag I truley am. Well that may not be the best thing, but it would be nice to have another medium to work with.

    Awesome, if you have a profile on another site that's lacking in helpful RSS tools, but accepts HTML there's plenty third party tools you could use this with too. Can't think of a link off hand, but Google is your friend! You can enter in your URL, and it'll give you code to copy paste wherever you want it to display your Instructables RSS feeds. : )