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Introduction: Synergy II

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This is an intermediate/expert build. If you already have the Juggernaut constructed, this is going to be easier as Synergy II is basically a hugely modified version of it.

You can make "Little Brother" from Steps 2, 3, 6 and 7 if you really want it.

Step 1: Continued Introduction

Seeing as Step 1 is now shown on the introduction step, I'll show you what to expect from this build:

If you watched the Scout203a video, you will have noticed that the door broke. This is because the brackets that held it on were situated near the ground. This made the susceptible to breaking. 
Also, the turret now has a rotation lock. In step 6, you will be given the option to lock the turret, i.e stop it rotating. This is good of yo want this as a toy to pull around, because it is a lot stronger with a more stable centre of gravity. However, you can choose to skip step 6 if you wish. If you want minor rotation, as in roughly 30 degrees, then you can opt for high side armour, which stops the turret rotating beyond them. If you want full 360 degree rotation, you must skip step six and choose the smaller side armour (the yellower one) out of the two examples given in step 3.

Step 2: Turrets

Let's start with the basics.

Step 3: Rear Section

Yeah I got lazy, so I just took a bunch of photos for the Rear Section, but it shouldn't be at all difficult to follow.

Can't see image notes on picture 1? Press F5.

With pictures 5 and 6, you can choose which panel you want. 

Step 4: Front Section

Instead of constructing the chassis, THEN the body for the whole thing (like the Juggernaut), I decided to construct the chassis and add the body in two halves, then connect them together at the end. Don't worry, despite this radical design change, Synergy is much stronger than The Juggernaut.

Once again, this is just a bunch of pictures, so you may struggle with this step if you are inexperienced. 

Picture 2 is good reference for picture 4 and 5.

Step 5: Attach the Two Halves

Hard to follow at first, but it's easy once you get it. 

Step 6: Turret Locks

If you want 360 degree rotation of the turret, skip this step, but I recommend it for ruggedness and if you have younger siblings who want to pull this around a park or something...

Step 7: Finishing Note

Comment if you made this, and a picture would be awesome! Have fun!

- Lowney



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    What do you mean? It's a model with functional door and turret which rotates and has an adjustable angle. It also rolls along quite nicely.

    i will build it as soon as i take some stuff apart

    big daddy is from bio shock

    Sorry that I've been inactive for some time now, but it's good to be back.

    I love it, Lowney. I like little boy best, but Synergy is very good too. These tanks look very good with those turrets, I know it's very hard to make a knex tank.

    Thanks! I appreciate that :)

    You will never guess what happened to me this morning; i started running really fast and suddenly i lifted off... i have no absolute idea of why that happened




    wait what?

    I started flying after i was running...

    Wait, what? How's that? Was it because of the wind?