Step 4: Lock and load baby!

Picture of lock and load baby!
loading the gun is easy, pull the pin back until it is half way between the grey and red connectors and make the pin stuck by making it push upwards the do the picture instructions.

pic 1) in between the red connector and snowflake insert a white rod (you can load from the other side as well)

pic 2) pull the pin back if you have not already and turn the cylinder until it is a little more then halfway to the next bullet.

and you are ready to fire my friend, turn the cylinder all the way and it will fire.

well thats it, this was brought to you by; Sypran, 2 hours of work to desine and get a frame, 3 bottles of rootbeer, your Internet provider, and last but certainly the best Eric for making this fantastic website!

good bye and happy shooting!
jbreck4 years ago
how do you get the revolver to turn
Sypran (author)  jbreck4 years ago
When you pull the firing pin back you can then turn it
ninjaguy256 years ago
how do u put the rubber bands on?
Sypran (author)  ninjaguy256 years ago
uhhh, tbh thats where i dont even know... i just put them where ever they could go and not interfear....
2.5 star..no trigger. and jams easily. but im making mods to it so that its a 4.5 - 5 *
Sypran (author)  runthunter2466 years ago
how does it jam!? the only way for it to jam is if you don't push the ammo all the way it?
u have to keep the cylander level or else ammo with fall out and whites dont work for ammo because there is no room for the firing pin to stay in the ammo hole ...but i do give you props for the cylander idea its sweet.
Sypran (author)  runthunter2466 years ago
whites don't work!? - ohh well the trick is to bock the pin (prob a external peice then load ammo, then in between chanbers get the pin unblobked, then turn the cylinder and Boom it fires as for the ammo coming out are you sure you followed all instructions like the tape on the yellow conectors holes? as for a trigger like Vs well i never trusted triggers like that since it it is not fully turned it will hit the cylander like a bullet and damage it (had this happen to me second cylinder and it broke)
uhh yes i put tape on yellow connectors..helps some..but whites still fall out when u til it up or down..o well ill find a way to make them stay.
Sypran (author)  runthunter2466 years ago
where????? did you put green rods on the conectors (except where you load the gun)
look at "the VINdicator";s revolver..it uses your cylander idea but it holds the ammo in place and has a black trigger
mrpowerful6 years ago
This gun looks cool... but i cant even get it to fire right
uri1727 years ago
Sypran (author)  uri1727 years ago
nichodo7 years ago
your eight round Revolver is really nice! i like it