Step 4: Lock and Load Baby!

loading the gun is easy, pull the pin back until it is half way between the grey and red connectors and make the pin stuck by making it push upwards the do the picture instructions.

pic 1) in between the red connector and snowflake insert a white rod (you can load from the other side as well)

pic 2) pull the pin back if you have not already and turn the cylinder until it is a little more then halfway to the next bullet.

and you are ready to fire my friend, turn the cylinder all the way and it will fire.

well thats it, this was brought to you by; Sypran, 2 hours of work to desine and get a frame, 3 bottles of rootbeer, your Internet provider, and last but certainly the best Eric for making this fantastic website!

good bye and happy shooting!
<p>nice revolver does it shoot?</p>
Favorite version.
You had dry lips i see XD
oh chapstick. Idr, those photos are 4 years old.
Im going to drill holes in a dowel rod to make the cylinder
interesting idea, Tell me how it goes! :D
Worked awesomely. I made mine with a area that holds the rounds.<br>
Ooo Now I need to go to Home Depot so I can try this out!
thinking about using some sort of spring to make it automatically turn.
how do you get the revolver to turn <br>
When you pull the firing pin back you can then turn it
cool gun i made my own version
i made a true trigger for mine still pocket size =-O
can you show a pic?
no sorry my sister broke it up to make her doll a car &gt;=-(
I wont lie I feel your pain. Same basic thing happend to me all the time.
My mom would always take apart my projects when i was a kid, like Id work on some robot or w/e then go to bed for the night and when I got home from school I find my robot thing was taken apart.
<strong>Nice Revolver!! I'm trying 2 make&nbsp;the .44 Magnum Revoler&nbsp;6 shot,&nbsp;but the only problem&nbsp; i having is making the revolver n the triger system n I thought U&nbsp; will like 2 build the .44 Magnum its awsome gun from COD:MW2. Im trying 2 give ppl ideas wht 2 make!!</strong>
all of the weapons listed on mw2 are not made up they are real weapons made by real people not just a bunch of electronics so stop saying from mw2, sheesh. I mean I have the game but i knew all of the guns in the game b4 it even came out cept 4 the f2000. but i like the idea of making the magnum. Ive shot a .38 magnum b4 but prob not near as powerful as the .44.
I recently built a true trigger design that is compact enough to work, the main problems are though is putting a cylinder on the thing, and keeping the chambers alined. Leading the problems to be one of 3 flaws. 1) Knex does not have small enough clockwork, and I cannot find a common household object that can rotate the thing ( the closest i got was push pens, but sadly the designs with them were unstable and broke oh shooting.) 2) the cylinder itself, I'm saddened to say, without proper modification the cylinder with some improvements by other people, has reached a limit. 3) How the cylinder has to connect. it interferes with many designs specially with true triggers, and many times the trigger design alone forces the thing to be way to big
&nbsp;This is just stupid...GUNS do NOT come from COD; COD uses real guns to make the games.&nbsp;
oh boy lol I haven't done anything with the old cylinder for a while, Im sorry. Im kinda bussy with my life right now searching for college, job and all<br />
True Trigger Prototype finally made... some work is needed but its existant.<br> <div class="media_embed"> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEE4FiODsYM</div>
please answer ASAP. Where is the trigger?? O.O
the triger is when you halfway between the chambers. to fire turn it fully
handles comfy gun is awesome
make it shoot lol, because if it doesent it is just a modle. no effence
it does shoot -___-<br />
&nbsp;Lol.........................<br /> That was the best answer on the stupidst question.........
&nbsp;Is the tape necassery or is it just stylish (soz for my bad English)
dose it have a realy woorking trigger?
in a sense yes but not like most knex guns.<br />
<p>Dont knex fall apart really easy? <br /> Because every time I find one of these instructables in a search that had little to do with them i get really ticked off...</p>
ummm sorry bout that well, no they don't fall apart easily you can take then apart (though if the things was built well that is actually harder to do then put it together.) <br /> <br /> anyways Sorry about the search and knex comes up. There used to be a way to block Knex from your searches with grease monkey or something but that was a while ago and I hardly recall it.<br />
Hey it's not your fault, its just the repitition of things that don't make sense that make me angry...<br /> Oh and dont take me wrong, if I could peg a guy from 20 yards with a piece of plastic, and not have to pay money for an airsoft gun, and have the gun be very sturdy then I would easily make 2 of these, paint them black with red accents, call one Sasha, and the other Natasha, then put laser sights with blue lasers on 'em...but I can oh well... lol
I built it and the trigger doesnt work -if you look closely the orange connector is just locked on to the yellow rod
Yes, I stated that the trigger does not work, Ive also stated that to "trigger it" you pull the pin back, turn the wheel, half way before the next shot,that way the pin will not fire, and will stay in place, then when you want to fire turn the wheel all the way and it should fire.
put a block trigger on it at least.
if you notice its triggering system is about the same basic idea, turn to fire. I don't get why people dont like it/complain about it, even then I didn't put a trigger on it because, if the cylinder was slightly off , all that energy would hit the cylinder and possibly break or damage it, and seeing how much work is needed to put that together I don't think its a very good idea to break it. Now can you explain to me whats wrong with this trigger system, cause maybe I'm the only one but I find it much like a block trigger and I'm fine with it. But seeing that more then 90% it seems are not I should change it
You should look at the BRv1 or knexsayer, they are auto revolving and the ram doesn't touch the revolver part.
can you give me the makers, cause When I search BRv1 I get nothing and I relay don't feel like searching every page of "knex gun" even then are they this revolver cylinder? cause most pure knex made cylinders have a system to prevent that from happening or some sort of locking mech
Killerk made the BRv1 and Mepain made the knexsayer.
ok look at them and this and tell me any differences that might make the reason for the fireing pin never hit the cylinder
Their guns have a white rod that sticks out of the cylinder when ammo is inserted. The firing pin hits the white rod, so the turret doesnt have to be perfectly aligned. In Killerk's case, it also helps with an auto revolving mechanism.
yeah and it has no front barrel does it?
the front barrel on your revolver isnt needed. the original one reduces ranges, and your new one is fake. They designed their guns for performance, not looks.
actual if you built my revolver no barrel, you will notice it doesn't go as far (how does that make sense?) easy, the small barrel of red is the perfect balance. basically no barrel = flailing bullets, the modern has a small barrel and a fake one over it for looks and weight, and prevents flailing bullets, and flailing bullets = less acc and distance. <br/>the white bullet is to light for a 0 barrel design <br/>the original was just for show the real one used a red rod.<br/><br/>and don't say it isn't needed cause unless something im unaware of that stops light rounds from flailing has been created they need the barrel to stretch about 1 green rod in front of them for a good balance<br/>

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