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Introduction: Sypran's Knex Auto Clicker

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*Warning* if using Runescape be warned today they updated their detection and i have yet to find out if they can detect it, its not a program so maybe they cant, but clicking at a constant rate will make it obvious (hence y there is ruberbands, they make the slight non constant results)

I needed an autoclicker for playing a computer keyboard and to start it you press on key every 15ish seconds,soon a neighbor realised "YO this can be used to high alch on Runescape!" - so I logged on and it did work. though Idk if I would suggest it, (high alching cost money and what about randoms, not to mention my new warning ?) anyway so I don't use this for runescape. and I would not risk getting caught, cause suposadly thats a perm ban without any appeal.

note this version has a plug in motor (and I highly suggest buying)it can be modded to take a battery motor (and I've heard that radioshack has plug in batteries so that might work as well) but remember with normal batteries it will slow down considerably.

this has an average RPM of 16.5 or 33 clicks per min.
it is perfect for clicking for hours if you need that (so you don't get carpel tunnel lol)

Step 1: Gears and Axels

the gears and axels you will need

Step 2: Main Body and Motor

not much to say

Step 3: ZE CLAW IT MOVES! Ooooo

the "finger" or "claw" that will be pressing the button(s)

Step 4: Conections to Body and Finger and Gears

well this is where it comes to shape

Step 5: End! Have Fun,

well thank you for looking at this and or building it

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you for using this if jagex learns to detect it.

it was fully your choice to use this



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    lol late reply? I can't even remember that I posted that comment and what it means. xD

    hahahahaha jagex cant detect this. The only possible way is if they hack into ur webcam and watch, which in that case you should sue them lol.

    i cant make money im lvl 49 wiv full rune and most non mem skills over 40 but except dungeoneering. any1 got any tips?

    well idk high alching didn't fill your inventory (neither did thieving from wall safes or it did but you could still get coins)

    Um so what games/stuff can you use this except runescape? How do u make money in runescape? I only have 1.5m

    6 replies

    well in theory if you have 50+ thief the wall safes in rogues den. or RSC minning - w8 they enforce an older rule of 5 min standing so nvm.... ummm well theres prob others that require no movement of mouse only clicking, I tried working on a programmable movement thing controlled from lego mind storms, or something to auto pickpocket.

    keep in mind though of randoms, and damage you may take so I find it useful for a 2nd comp or when watching TV

    true oh and how i make money... idk how i did tbh.... I took advantage of the GE when it first came out (making yew longs made cash)

    thats what i didn  back when im not exactly rich, but whatever i spend i usaly try tio earn back.

    people who do tons of Typing get it, gamers as well, basically when your hand don't move except for certain motions (like button mashing) repetitively....its very painful like cramps in your wrists.

    the minute i posted that i wrote a 8000-word essay, i dunno why and ended it at 12:00 and my wrist hurt like hell, any way to fix this "carpel tunnel syndrome" I think i have it... -_-

    bengay? Carple tunnel is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to paresthesias, numbness and muscle weakness in the hand. The diagnosis of CTS is often misapplied to patients who have activity-related arm pain so i dont know if you would have it, even then its a joke people who play WOW or type for tons of hours at a time without moving get it, other ppl usaly get cramps.

    bengay? whats that and when i was typing my palm and hand were moving and my wrist or the point where the arm connets with the hand was stationary and now its cramping and it just hurts to tell you the truth, maybe strain?

    bengay is like a goop stuff, you can usaly find it at a drug store. and as for what it is i cant say