This is now my 10th Instructable! This is an Instructable on how to make syrup bites!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need a pan, snow, time, syrup, and a towel.

Step 2: Snow!

Go outside and find some CLEAN snow and scoop it up into the pan.

Step 3: The Beginning

Put it on a table, with the towel underneath it because when the snow melts it gets all over. Add Syrup and wait at least 15 minutes.

Step 4: The End

Yay! Could have waited a little longer but syrup!!
<p>I'll actually try this!</p>
I read about this almost 20 years ago in the little house on the prairie books lol
<p>If you heat up maple syrup to boiling and then immediate pour it on clean snow in long lines, you can make strings of maple sugar candy. Pretty tasty. </p>
<p>cool i will try that!</p>
i don't think Canadians use Mrs. Butterworth's artificial maple flavored syrup. I expect that the pure Grade A stuff that comes only from trees is the way to go.
<p>It is the kind I had at the time, sorry.</p>
<p>Its snow candy. Moms in cold climates have been making this for a long, long time.</p>
<p>I've seen this before, it's a Canadian thing.</p>

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