Introduction: Syvergent

Syvergent is a very powerful little pistol; I think it could easily be used in a 'K'nex war' as a secondary.  

It gets its name from two terms:  Sci-Fi, which is shorthand for "Science Fiction," and Divergent, meaning "Defying Convention."  I really think that it defies convention, because its appearance and frame design are different from most guns, and it also looks like something straight out of Star Wars, hence the "Science Fiction."

Some Stats:
It uses my TP4 turret from The Prophet.
It uses a red rod sized firing pin.
It's very compact.
It gets outstanding ranges for its size.
Has a ridiculously comfortable, cool looking handle.
It can take a lot of power.
It has an easy turret reload.

Unfortunately, it uses a cut piece in the trigger: half of a green rod.  Other than that, I really can't think of a con.

If you have no idea how K'nex guns work, and want to know about all the different types of K'nex guns, see my guide.

Now, onto the instructions.

(I have made the notes under each step HomeStuck commands, because why not?)

Step 1: Beginning of the Barrel

==> Build the beginning/ internals of the barrel.  Follow the pictures, and build all of the things as shown for maximum performance.  If you have questions, please ask.

Step 2: The Beginning of the Handle & Internals

==> Build the beginning of the handle and the internals.  Follow the pictures, build as shown, and ask questions if needed.

Step 3: Encasing the Internals

==> Keep following the pictures.

Step 4: Finishing the Body

==> Keep following the instructions.

Step 5: The Turret and Turret Mount

==> Keep building the gun.

Step 6: Putting the Bands On

==> Put the bands on the gun.

Step 7: Loading

==> Load the gun.

Step 8: You're Done!

You know what to do: pull the ram back, pull the trigger, and repeat until out of ammo.  Once you're out of ammo, spin the turret again like in Step Seven.



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    Never mind I dug in my vacuum cleaner bag and found a chopped up y conecter rod thingy and sanded it down to the right length and I have two of these.

    Nice!, I built it good range with
    four bands that I don't know the
    size of lol :). can you give me some
    tips on guns cause I suck at build
    K'nex guns :( plz

    Sorry I haven't been on in so long, but yes, feel free to review it. As for tips, you just have to practice, my friend, and look at other good guns for ideas. I'm glad you enjoyed building it!

    It looks clean (except for the turret, sorry :/ Not a fan of the turret's looks), and dat handle :o
    But at the same time, as others said, it's another turret gun, a nice compact one that is. Good job, but you indeed should try something different.
    (but who am I to say that, with almost always non-shooting guns?)

    The turret actually worked very well.  It might not look the coolest in appearance to some, but I like it. Aesthetics are an opinion: what looks good and shoots well for others may shoot poorly and look bad to some, so it's perfectly understandable that you don't like the turret.  

    I actually just built a sliding trigger, single shot pistol.  Does that qualify as new enough? (That's a legitimate question; I seriously want to know before I post a forum topic. :P)

    I get it that the turret works well, it just looks a bit eh :/
    A sliding trigger single shot pistol sounds good, so post that topic ;p