T-Rex Rooftopper





Introduction: T-Rex Rooftopper

Fun with misused hardware supplies. Pretty simple: 1) Make a skeleton with pvc and attach it to a piece of plywood. 2) Use chicken wire to create the form. The eyes are kick balls. 3) The skin is good ol' duct tape (much easier than the paper and glue thing). 4) Paint. 5) To get it on the roof I had to actually contruct a ramp and pulley system - if not careful this can quickly become a guillotine. 6) Last step was to put more holes in my roof. And there you have it.



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Step 1 PVC skeleton, chicken wire to create the form and graphic kick balls for the eyes.

Step 2 Good ol' duct tape for the skin - painted. A lot easier than that paper and glue mess.

Step 3 Added some "broken" 1 x 4s and roofing tiles

Step 4 Constructed a ramp and pulley system to get it on the roof.

Step 5 Put big holes in my house (again).

Step 6 Voila! Our pet T-Rex has outgrown it's cage. Happy Halloween.

Ha ha ha! Sweet! I love his expression!

DUDE THATS FRICKIN COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH MY PARENTS WOULD LET ME PUT THAT ONTOP OF MY ROOF!!!!!!!!! SWEET~!!!!!!!!!! LOOKS AWSOME DUDE!!! hey by the way did you used to do somthin for hollywood cuz thats a really good paintjob and construction XD

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dinosaurs are so cute!!!!! that one is the best