Picture of T-SHIRT QUILT
Stitch a t-shirt quilt with 16 fat quarters and recycled shirts
Finished size 66" X 80"

        Materials List:
  • Clean t-shirts
  • 2 yards Fuse-A-Knit to stabilize t-shirts 
  • 16 fat quarters (18" X 22" piece of fabric), that all look friendly together
  •  Batting twin size
  • 5 yards backing fabric (72" X 86")
  • 1 can quilt basting spray adhesive or  50 curved basting pins
  • Walking foot or even feed sewing machine attachment (take Sewing Machine Manual with to purchase)
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Step 1: Gather Fabrics, T-Shirts & Embellishments

Picture of Gather Fabrics, T-Shirts & Embellishments
  1. Snap a picture to interview your selection.
  2. Review photo to see what you like best.

Step 2: Fat Quarters (16)

Picture of Fat Quarters (16)
2013 Quilts & Retirement Family 185.JPG
Cut all fat quarters to 17"x20"

Step 3: Stitch Fat Quarters Together

Picture of Stitch Fat Quarters Together
13, 3:10 PM.jpg
  1. Use a 1/4 " seam allowance. Right sides together and stitch. 
  2. Press seams open .

Step 4: Fuse-a-Knit

Picture of Fuse-a-Knit
13, 3:10 PM.jpg
  1. Follow directions on the Fuse-A-Knit to iron to wrong side of t-shirt.
  2. Cut  t-shirts to useable size and shape.

Step 5: Cut & Layer Backing & Batting

Picture of Cut & Layer Backing & Batting
  1. Cut Backing and Batting 6" wider and 6" longer (this allows 3" extra on each side).
  2. Lay Backing wrong side facing up, spray basting adhesive in the center of Backing. 
  3. Layer Batting start in center and smooth out wrinkles. Spray basting adhesive on Batting layer. Pins may also be used along the edges.
  4. Add the 16 fat quarters quilt top and smooth wrinkles out.                                                                                         

Step 6: Stitch through all Quilt Layers

Picture of Stitch through all Quilt Layers
13, 3:10 PM.jpg
13, 3:09 PM.jpg
  1. Use the Walking Foot attachment.
  2. Set stitch length 3.6. 
  3. Stitch down center next to seams.
  4. Stitch t-shirts onto quilt through all the layers. Decorative stitches can be used.

Step 7: Trim Batting

Picture of Trim Batting
  1. CAREFULLY cut batting even with the t-shirt quilt top layer.

Step 8: Backing

Picture of Backing
13, 9:51 AM.jpg
13, 9:51 AM.jpg
2013 summer T-SHIRT & SCRAPPY TRIP 097.JPG
13, 3:09 PM.jpg
  1. Cut backing evenly on all sides (approximately  2").
  2. Fold backing edge 2 times and STITCH to t-shirt quilt top.