Picture of T-Shaped Bird Training Stand
This is my first pet Instructable so please no rude comments about it you may post constructive criticism and your comments about the project in general, any questions will be answered as soon as I can get to them (Also I built mine before I did the Instructable so I know I don't have the right number of pieces in the materials picture). I have two young Lovebirds and I wanted somewhere I could place them on that would be safe for them to chewed on and I could also train them on it. So I created this simple but effective T-shaped stand to train them on and it is also just a place for them to hang out on and watch T.V. with me.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This project is very cheap and easy (I didn't pay anything because I already had everything) I believe almost everyone will have at least some of these lying around their house and if not stores like Lowes and other hardware stores have all these in abundance. Bear in mind that I made this Instructable after I made the stand so my PVC pipe is already cut.
1) Four T-Section PVC connections.
2) Four Corner PVC connections.
3) PVC pipe about the size of your birds feet.
4) Vet Wrap or Athletic Tape (Like the kind track runners wrap their feet with)
5) Old Newspapers
6) Spare Cloth

Note: I didn't use any adhesives or glues except on the bottom to connect the cloth to the stand (even that is covered by newspaper) this is because almost all glues are poisonous to birds as you probably know.

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
1) Pipe Saw
2) Hammer
3) Measuring Tape
4) Knife or Scissors
5) Tape (I used the clear type of Duct Tape)

Step 3: Cutting the PVC Pipe to Length

You will need to cut your PVC pipe into different lengths for this project. You will need three seventeen inch sections and eight eight inch sections.

Note: If you are using used PVC pipe then I strongly advise you to wash it encase your bird does chew on it.

Step 4: The Vertical Stand (Where The Birds Will Sit)

Picture of The Vertical Stand (Where The Birds Will Sit)
Wrapped T Stand.JPG
You will need two of the eight inch sections of pipe, one of the seventeen inch sections, one of the T-Shaped connections, the hammer, and the Vet Wrap. First lay out your pieces like in the picture and then just hammer the pipes into the T section. Then cover the whole thing in Vet Wrap to give your bird something soft to grip.

Step 5: The Middle Part of the Base

Picture of The Middle Part of the Base
Assembled Middle Base.JPG
In this step you will need two of the eight inch pieces of pipe, the other three T-Shaped connection pieces, and the hammer once again. Again, lay the pieces out like the picture and hammer them together.

Step 6: The Outside Parts of the Base

Picture of The Outside Parts of the Base
In this step you will need the four Corner connections, the two other seventeen inch pieces, and the hammer. Again, lay them out like my picture and hammer them together. These two sections should be identical once you put them together.

Step 7: You Should Now Have...

Picture of You Should Now Have...
At this time you should have your Vet Wrapped T-Section, the two outside parts of the base, the middle section of the base, and four eight inch pieces of pipe.

Step 8: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Half Assembled Base.JPG
You will need your four remaining eight inch pieces of pipe, the middle section of the base, and the hammer. Lay the pieces out and hammer them together.

Step 9: Assembly (Continued)

Picture of Assembly (Continued)
Assembled BAse.JPG
You will need the section that you just completed, your two outside pieces of the base, and the hammer. Lay them out like the picture and hammer them together.

Step 10: The T Stand

Picture of The T Stand
Now all you have to do is hammer the T-Stand into the T connection in the middle of the base and your done.

Step 11: Poop Catcher

Picture of Poop Catcher
If you are like me your mom would kill you if your bird pooped on the floor so I layed two strips of cloth on each side of the base and taped them to it, and then put newspaper on top of that whcih you can change if it gets dirty.

Step 12: Your Done

Picture of Your Done
You now have your own inexpensive T-Stand for your birds.
Very cool! Great job!
Miscellaneous (author) 5 years ago
I hope that everyone likes this Instructable and I just want to say please no one "modify" my Instructable and publish it again just to have it as their own.
great instructable!!! thanks for sharing!!