Introduction: T-Shirt Boho Braided Bracelet

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Part 4 of my t-shirt reuse crafts is a boho-style braided bracelet. This is an interesting looking bracelet with cute beads attached that takes less 15minutes to make! You can customize it with different colors of fabric, types of beads, or even styles of braiding!

Step 1: You Will Need

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  • 2 different colored t-shirts (cotton is best)
  • Beads
  • thin hemp string (only needed if the holes in your beads are too small to thread t-shirt fabric through)

Step 2: Make Fabric Strips

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In total, cut out three strips of long (~30cm), thin, fabric from the old t-shirts. Tug of the fabric to stretch it and get it to roll up.

Step 3: Attach to Hemp [Optional]

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If your beads are too small to thread the strips of t-shirt fabric through, you're going to need to attach the beads to the bracelet with thinner material. I find that hemp works best - it's thin enough to go through most beads, but is thick enough to be an interesting visual addition to the braid itself.

For each of the three strips of fabric, tie both ends to an equally long string of hemp.

Step 4: Start the Braid

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Tape together 1 end of all three strips of fabric (and associated hemp string), and start braiding. I did a standard braid for this bracelet, but feel free to try out more styles!

Step 5: Add Beads

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Once you've done a couple inches of pure braiding, you can start adding beads. Thread the outside strip of t-shirt fabric (or hemp) through a bead and continue with the braid. I find that the bracelet looks best with around 3 braids between each bead.

Step 6: Tie Off End

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As you're braiding, make sure to check the length every now and then. When you've reached a length that you like, simply tie the ends of the braid to the strips at the beginning to complete the circle and create a pretty, boho bracelet.


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