I made this t-shirt cannon for my school a year ago after the local sports boosters contacted me requesting one. It is constructed from 3 inch and 4 inch diameter PVC pipe. The pipe and valve that link the two tanks are 1/2 inch diameter. It is wrapped in adhesive vinyl. It can fire 2-3 shots on one charge.
<p>whats the trigger made of? Can i have more specifics on parts?</p>
I really wanna make this, especially since I'm trying to start up my own t-shirt business. trouble is, I can't possibly think of where I could use it...
<p>Shoot shirts at people and let them keep the shirts. Aim where they wear shirts (on the feet)</p>
<p>Lol. Im Your Biggest Fan DanTDM.</p>
Go down a street and shoot t-shirts at people, preferably heads. Advertising costs averted.
<p>why is there a nerf maverick </p>
<p>now i get it xD</p>
Very cool but not really redneck.

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