T-Shirt Jig




Introduction: T-Shirt Jig

I like keeping my closet as clean as I can. This T-shirt jig I made helps maintain it! I made it using acrylic and laser cut it at Techshop! http://www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Measure and Cut

I use 3 sizes for my clothes. 1 for tank tops, regular shirts and sweaters. I measured the width I wanted for each of them, which was basically as wide as possible, but enough material for the sides to fold in. I kept them all the same length, which was long enough to pull out at the bottom of the shirt. I also added a handle to make it easy to "handle". :)

Once that was established I drew it up in Corel Draw and cut it using the laser cutter. I also etched a picture of a mini cooper on the middle size for fun.

Step 2: Now Fold

Now that it's cut, It's ready for fun. Or at least as fun as folding can be.



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