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The other evening I had just gotten back from a camping trip in Death Valley that was cut short by a sand storm. Being tired, sore, dirty and cranky I wanted nothing more than to just crash onto the bed and pass out. Unfortunately, I had brought my pillow on this trip and the only pillowcase I owned was covered in a thick layer of sand and dirt from the night prior. I wasn't about to sleep on the dirty pillowcase again and after a moment of testing the bare pillow I concluded that its comfort level was far from satisfactory. I was about to throw myself off the Golden Gate Bridge when I had a moment of epiphany; t-shirts are awfully close to bedding material.

I happened to know where my girlfriend was hiding away some brand new extra large white t-shirts that she wanted to make a dress out of. I grabbed one and sure enough it fit around the pillow wonderfully and was very comfortable. This moment of clear-thinking saved me the trouble of having to jump off the bridge. Long story short, if you haven't figured out how to make a T-Shirt Pillowcase from what I've already told you, I'm going to show you how, step by step.

Step 1: Go get stuff.

Picture of Go get stuff.
What you will need:
- a pillow
- an extra-large cotton t-shirt
quesoman5 years ago
I love these ibles that describe the obvious! LOL.
great ible though.
Foaly7 quesoman4 years ago
Yeah, it's obvious, but I doubt many people thought of it before finding this 'ible. I know I didn't.
I am a military wife and i do these pillow cases with my husbands shirt before he deploys over seas and my kids call it the daddy pillow. :)
insomniac g6 years ago
LOL, I always do this with newly dyed hair, bit of a lifesaver :)
JerryMopar7 years ago
Thank goodness you covered up that hideous yellowed pillow!!
Fenwick8 years ago
ROFL. Nice.